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While Castle Combe is the prettiest town in England but Canterbury is sure to delight them as much. With much of its medieval charm still present, Canterbury, a bustling market town in the English county of Kent, has succeeded in enduring hundreds of years of history. The city welcomes visitors with excellent cuisine, exciting nightlife, and a rich history reflected in its magnificent architecture. Visitors would enjoy taking a trip around the historic district, enclosed by old fortifications, cobblestone streets, and wooden homes. Canterbury offers visitors an opportunity to experience the past all the way to the Roman era and is undoubtedly a charming getaway from the buzz and commotion of London. Let's explore Canterbury and learn why this stunning, historic city is among Kent's treasures.


Exploring Canterbury And Its Attractions

Start With The Most Important Cathedral Of England

The magnificent Canterbury Cathedral, the Mother Church of the global Anglican Communion, is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. It also represents elements of numerous architectural features from several ages and is among the most significant and ancient Christian buildings in the nation.

The choir is also a notable location to visit. The spectacular masonry work, which boasts a choir display from 1411, is embellished with angels holding swords and the crowning figurines of six kings. Visitors shouldn't forget to descend to the vault, renowned for its exquisite ornamental embellishments. People should also take a walking tour of the Chapter Hall and Great Cloister.

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The St. Augustine's Abbey

The ruins of St. Augustine's abbey, which he built in 597, can be discovered in an English Historical building close to the city's perimeter. The remains of the former abbey chapel and the tombs of Saint Augustine, Lord Ethelbert, and his spouse Lady Bertha were discovered near St. Augustine's Gateway and the Graveyard Entrance, which belong to the thirteenth century.

Unique Roman items were found among the medieval Saxon Cathedral of St. Pancras's unearthed ruins. A fascinating museum has now been built there, with a lot of educational exhibitions, artifacts displays, and virtual reality renditions connected to its lengthy, rich past.

The Canterbury Roman Museum

It is among the many museums in England. Anyone interested in learning about the Roman era in England must visit the Canterbury Roman Museum, constructed around the ruins of an old Roman country home. The museum houses important Roman antiques, including a substantial quantity of silver with a gorgeous two-thousand-year-old mosaic floor uncovered after the town was bombed in World War II.

A fascinating interactive chronology that traces the route from Canterbury, England, today to the initial Roman town is also available. Along the route, visitors will discover how the city was founded, view an exact duplicate of a Roman market, and use a Roman dining hall's imitation dinnerware.

The Canterbury Old City

Many old timber-framed structures could be seen in Old City Canterbury's cobblestoned district. There is a continuous stretch of particularly excellent homes in the small Mercery Street, many of which date back to Queen Elizabeth I, with the customary draping upper stories. The Renaissance Queen Elizabeth's Visitor Room, noted for its lovely beamed ceilings, is indeed outstanding preservation.

The Beaney House Of Art And Knowledge

The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge must be visited by anyone curious about the culture. The Beaney is a remarkable building that serves as an exhibition, bookstore, and arts center. It has a fantastic collection of artworks, illustrations, and prints, as well as European and Asian crockery, Anglo-Saxon jewelry, and pottery.

The structure is somewhat of a draw for tourists; it was built in the late nineteenth century and features lovely Tudor restoration architecture. Significant statues, English pottery, and masterpieces by famous European artists like Van Dyck are on display. The gallery features an exciting exhibit for children with entertaining programs.

The Marlowe Theatre

Although it bears Christopher Marlowe's title, Canterbury's Marlowe Theatre is a modern building. The theatre, established in the 1930s, had a comprehensive reconstruction before resuming its current configuration in 2011.

The Marlowe, one among England's best regional theatres today, presents a diverse array of West End dramas, operas, and performances, featuring some of the biggest rock and pop stars. Ballet, contemporary dance, theater, and orchestral music are just a few of the other events that happen here. Additionally, it has earned a name for the caliber of its kid-friendly programs, which include performances by the Marlowe Junior Theatre.

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Best Places To Fill up Your Bellies In Canterbury

Cafe des Amis

The first Mexican establishment in Canterbury is called Café des Amis. The menu unites the richness of Mediterranean meals with the tastes of classic Mexican food. The fajitas are quite well-known in the area, and a lot of the meals are meant to be shared. In addition, there are paella, soups, and a rotating selection of seafood and meat specialties, as well as traditional Mexican fares like tacos, tortillas, and burritos.

Oscar And Bentleys

Oscar & Bentleys, which offers gluten-free food in a historical setting, place the requirements of its customers first and prepares each meal to request. The menu has something for everyone, from light snacks and salads to filling beef bourguignon, sirloin, fish and chips, and risotto. After the main course or before going for a beverage, it's worth staying for their exquisite pastries and desserts.


Japanese comfort cuisine is served at Tamago in Canterbury, a welcome addition to the city's dining scene. The food at Tamago is authentically Japanese and is served in a relaxed setting. The freshest ingredients are used to prepare dishes like stews, ramen, tempura, and bento boxes.

Tourists would undoubtedly find Canterbury intriguing. Everyone who enjoys history should visit there.