Launched in 1959, Busch Gardens is mounted on Tamp Bay, and travelers visiting from Orlando, Florida, can reach it in an hour. It was built a bit earlier than Florida’s major theme parks, including Walt Disney World. Busch Gardens possess unique features that differentiate it from other theme parks, and it has drawn many tourists for its impressive roller coasters, incredible zoo, abundant animals to explore, beautiful gardens, fantastic food scene, exciting shows, and lots of other things to see and do. Here are the 10 reasons you should visit Busch Gardens in Tampa.

10 Explore The Animals

Busch Gardens is home to an incredible number of animals spread all over the place, most of which are from Africa. From alligators to many bird species to penguins to turtles, this place is just as much of a zoo as it is a theme park. The park runs numerous animal exhibits to allow travelers to get up close and witness these adorable creatures. Some of the exhibits not to miss include the Myombe reserve, featuring gorillas and other primates, a safari area, and an Australian exhibit with several snakes and bats. There is a nursery for animals, a tiger exhibit, and a spot for keeping sick and distressed animals.

9 Get Entertained In A Show

There are so many wonderful shows in the park to settle in for. The pet show is one of the best, displaying numerous animals, including the rescue ones, playing and doing certain tricks. The show is very entertaining and is found right amidst the park. There are other shows like the ice-skating show held in Moroccan Palace Theater, several kids' shows, and musical shows. The characters, in most cases, have fun taking photos with fans at the end of their performances.

8 Go For Rides At Falcon’s Fury

Launched in 2014, Falcon’s Fury is 335 feet tall, and its reach can go as fast as 60 miles per hour. Sounds scary? No, it is actually very fun and is still one of the world's smoothest drop towers. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the heart-pounding drop experience? One of the tallest drop tower rides on earth offers a unique experience that differentiates it from others. Before the ride, the machine assumes a 90-degree pivot position so that vacationers are seated face to face before they get through the heart-pounding drop.

7 Visit The Park’s Two Beautiful Aviaries

Busch Gardens is home to incredible bird gardens, which are a must-see for vacationers into birds. The Flamingo Lagoon is the most impressive, housing over 250 flamingoes, and offers an incredibly phot-worthy spot for families. Lory Landing is one of the two aviaries in the bird garden, packed with mostly lorikeets, but there are other species of birds. Travelers will notice parrots making sounds and moving around freely in their habitat. Walkabout Way is the other aviary, mostly housing kangaroos and wallabies. Travelers are allowed to feed the birds if they want.

6 Go On A Safari Adventure At Sesame Street

Looking for a perfect safari adventure? The Sesame Street Safari of Fun offers excellent kid-friendly rides, lots of unforgettable adventures, and water fun. There are several rides to get through, a fantastic roller coaster, and the ‘Let’s Play Together’ lively show about friendship, which the entire family will definitely have fun watching. Don’t forget to be a part of the fascinating water adventure filled with jets, geysers, bubblers, and more fun for kids to enjoy.

5 Relax On A Scenic Train Ride

Boasting three train stations, a scenic train ride at Busch Gardens around the park offers an amazing experience. A whole family getting a ride in a steam-powered train is something unique that travelers won’t experience more often. The train goes through the park’s large portion and sometimes to the safari spots. On the ride, one will learn a lot about the animals they come across on the way, including the giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and more! These creatures are always fun to watch, especially when they come closer to the train cars.

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4 Visit Jungala

Jungala is a four-acre attraction located at the back of the park and is perfect for children of all ages. It has plenty of play spaces for kids with a few fun rides to enjoy, two incredible water spots to splash in, and several climbing nets. The area is perfect, and the whole family can settle somewhere and relax. There is a place with nicely arranged tables under a shade near a rope gym. Travelers can sit under the shade and watch their kids play as they take a break from the physical activities themselves.

3 An Incredible Dining Scene

Busch Gardens is home to top-notch restaurants serving great food. There are incredible options to choose from, including all-day dining, which allows travelers to eat from select restaurants all day. The restaurants participating in this dining option include Zagora Café, Bengal Bistro, Dragon Fire Grill, Crown Colony Café, and Zambia Smokehouse. One can also choose to go to these restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and pay each time they dine. When visiting with kids, it is better to buy an all-day dining pass because children are constantly hungry and thirsty.

  • Cost of all-day dining pass: $29.99
  • Participating Restaurants: Zagora Café, Bengal Bistro, Dragon Fire Grill, Crown Colony Café, and Zambia Smokehouse

2 Experience A Ride With Cheetah Hunt

With a length of 4,400 feet, Cheetah Hunt is the longest thrill-ride attraction at Busch Gardens and guarantees an unforgettable experience. The roller coaster carries travelers high above the park and races through a rocky gorge. The goal is to make the riders feel like they are racing against the fastest land animals. Cheetah Hunt is accessible to children, adults, and even people with disabilities. Guests with wheelchairs who are looking to get a ride must see the Park Ambassador once they get to the entrance.

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1 Attend The Park’s Seasonal Events

Busch Gardens is known to host a few seasonal events, including the Summer concert series and Christmas Town. Travelers will have to pay an extra charge to access these events and take part in the fun activities that come with them. The activities are worth experiencing, but those who don’t get the chance to take part in them can still find the park exciting from all the decorations it's put through. Other events not to miss in the park include the National Roller Coaster Day, the Busch Gardens Bier Fest, and Howl-O-Scream.