Branson is a small enchanting mountain town in Missouri offering an array of activities year-round. While there is no bad time to explore this place, autumn arrives with its unique charm. The high summer temperatures begin to cool down, crowds reduce, and the town turns into a different kind of paradise. Watching the beautiful trees turning into yellows, oranges, and reds and the fallen leaves is a treat in autumn. Pumpkin products are available, tasty drinks are plenty, and markets are at their most impressive. Fall in Branson comes with numerous things to do. Planning a trip to this stunning mountain town? Here are the ten reasons to visit Branson, Missouri, in the fall.

10 Visit Silver Dollar City And Catch The Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival, featuring Craft Days packed with new artisans and thousands of pumpkins illuminated throughout the city, is always lit and guarantees endless fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. The craftsmen come from different parts of Silver City to showcase their heritage crafts, incredible artwork and woodwork, and more. Travelers will get the chance to attend the cooking demonstrations and meet several western authors and artists. And there are special fall flavors no one would want to miss.

9 Explore The Shepherd Of The Hills Farmer’s Market

Exploring the Shepherd of the Hills Famer's Market is always exciting in the fall, thanks to the plethora of items on display. One can go window-shopping and admire different products sold at the market or do some shopping. The items sold at the market include hand-crafted goods, baked goods, farm-fresh produce, and local artisans. Vacationers feeling like eating something as they shop can head to Shepherd’s Mill Restaurant and take one of the many delicious dishes they offer.

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8 Stroll Through Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Covering 10,000 acres, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is always an outdoor haven for adventure lovers, and things get even more exciting with the autumn arrival. Strolling between the paths while taking in the breathtaking views of fall foliage as steps on the crunchy fallen leaves is truly a treat. Travelers can also do horseback riding and hiking through the park and have an experience of a lifetime. Fishing is another adorable outdoor activity that a whole family can have fun doing in this beautiful park. There are spectacular cabins one can book to stay overnight and many nearby restaurants to grab some eats!

7 Take A Ride At the Branson Scenic Railway

Riding at the Branson Scenic Railway is a must-do activity and is one of the reasons to visit this mountain town in the fall. Opened for business in 1993, this railway passes across over 40 miles of breathtaking Missouri countryside, making it a popular destination in Branson. While this place attracts visitors year-round, autumn trips through the railway are just irresistible. As the train passes through the countryside, one can just relax by the window and enjoy the scenic views of the changing colors of the hill terrain extending for many miles.

6 Attend The Autumn Daze, A Festival Celebrating The Work Of Local Craftspeople

Perfect for travelers into craft-focused fall activities, this festival is always massive and guarantees lots of fun, as it runs for days in downtown Branson. Celebrating the talented local craftspeople, this festival features a display of several toys, clothes, quilts, and purses, among other items. Each item on display is unique and has its own charm. Autumn Gaze is vibrant and is definitely a good reason to explore Branson in the fall.

5 Take A Stroll At The Ruth And Paul Henning Conservation Area

Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area is an excellent relaxing spot for nature lovers, and one can stroll within the area, admiring the spectacular fall colors. Located not far from the Shepherd of Hills Expressway and Highway 76, this conservation area is also perfect for couples on a romantic getaway, as it offers some of the best views of the Ozarks. The incredible views of the valley and the surrounding makes Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area one of Branson’s best fall destinations.

4 Attend The Two-Day Cider Days Festival

Cider Days Festival runs for two days in the nearby Springfield and is perfect for travelers into apple ciders. During the celebration, hot and cold ciders and some delicious treats are offered to make this event memorable. Also showcasing a variety of arts and crafts from local talents, this festival guarantees fun for an entire family. Vacationers will also enjoy a live performance from dancers, comedians, and musicians invited to help make the event lively.

3 Go Hay Riding At The Sycamore Creek Family Ranch

The annual Fall Roundup happening at Sycamore Creek Family Ranch is a festival not to miss on a Branson fall vacation. During the celebrations, travelers will have access to several corn fields, including pumpkin patches, which they must buy, a corn maze stretching for four acres, a 5-km hiking trail, and beautiful farm animals, offering horseback riding, and hayrides, among others. Traveling as a whole family, the Fall Roundup at Sycamore Creek Family Ranch is a perfect way of celebrating fall outdoors.

2 Visit Mckenna Family Farm Pumpkin Patch

Mackenna Family Farm Pumpkin Patch is the best place to be when visiting Branson in the fall. It is free to explore and offers several fall activities to enjoy, including jumping on bounce pillows and hayrides, taking in the views of the three-acre corn maze, and don't forget to take photos of the tire mountain: these activities are fun for an entire family. There are pumpkins, baked goods, and several fall-themed décors at the farm for purchase. Travelers can also go partying on the available campsites.

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1 Take Part In the Branson’s Turkey Trot

This event involves a five-kilometer race and is perfect for a family that likes staying active together. Taking place on Thanksgiving, the Turkey Trot may not only be fun but helps create appetite before dining. There are a bunch of benefits to the contestants who win. Whether vacationers attend this event as contestants or spectators, it is always exciting to be here, and a perfect holiday spirit is bound to fill everyone’s heart before they put the holiday food in their bellies.