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There are lots of places worth seeing in Lombardy, and one of those is this beautiful town. Bergamo is a picture-perfect town at the foot of the Alps in Lombardy. This quaint Italian town is a melting pot of art, culture, cuisine, and sports. There is a lot to explore in every twist and turn of this town thanks to its lovely structures, all of which are aesthetically fascinating, curbside cafes, little stores, and more. In reality, tourists can explore the cobbled walks and learn so much fresh information for themselves. Every visitor would be charmed by the town's medieval aura and its culturally diverse Italian experiences. People would undoubtedly be entranced by the magnificent structure's architecture, history, and delectable Italian cuisine. Let's have a look at what everyone can discover in Bergamo.


Bergamo And Its Architecture

After coming to Bergamo, visitors are immediately struck by the city's terrain: a lower settlement that is perfectly level climbs abruptly and sharply to the old city's sixteenth-century strongholds on the summit of its hill. Since the Neoclassical and contemporary buildings border the lower, linear avenues, the contrast between them and the randomly arranged Romanesque and Renaissance buildings that occupy the old town's tiny passageways is even more stark. The Venetians constructed the stone walls enclosing Città Alta during the roughly four centuries beginning in the early fifteenth century when Bergamo was a member of the State of Venice. In fact, the neighborhoods surrounding the square have decidedly medieval-looking cobblestone alleys that are twisting and small, offering the perfect opportunity to learn a new culture while traveling.

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Discover Bergamo At Its Best

The Piazza Vecchia

The square at the core of the old town is framed by an impressive and lovely collection of noble homes and the Palazzo Della Regione, or the town hall. The upper side of the square is formed by a stone stairway and a loggia with three Gothic archways from the twelfth-century Palazzo Della Ragione.

The later Renaissance Palazzo Nuovo, which houses the public library, borders the lower side. The Lion of St. Mark watches from above while the Contarini Fountain, surrounded by lion decorations, stands in the center.

The Basilica of St. Mary Major

The Romanesque Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, built in 1137, includes a stepped-back spire over the bridge and an elaborate choir. Apart from the entryway and the clerestory, obviously erected afterward, the building appears from the exterior to have been constructed similarly to how it did in the Middle Ages with Romanesque architectural style.

Lions are stationed beneath gorgeous Gothic arches to protect the entrances on both sides of the church. On the ceilings of the side aisles and loft are drapes from the sixteenth century, exquisite Renaissance choir seats, and Baroque plasterwork. Village admirers continue to place new flowers on the musician Donizetti's grave, born and raised in Bergamo.

The Cappella Colleoni

Early Lombardy Medieval masterwork The Cappella Colleoni features a beautifully embellished façade made of colorful inset marble. The chapel was built, between 1470 and 1476, as a family altar to hold the tombs of Bartolomeo Colleoni and Medea, his daughter. Its architectural design is a fusion of mannerism, renaissance, and late baroque, and its exterior is decorated with biblical figures and mythical tales. There are numerous priceless Italian murals and statues within, as well as the tomb of the Colleoni household.

The Venetian Walls

When Bergamo was a part of the state in the sixteenth century, the State of Venice constructed the Venetian Walls. They identify the historic district, often known as the città Alta or higher historical district. During the period when Venice's dominance over marine trade was waning, the walls were constructed to defend the city against the State of France and Milan. The defenses now serve as a reminder of Bergamo's past and surround a town fit for fantasy free of modernity. The gardens and surrounding walls that make up much of Bergamo's città Alta are accessible by foot. The spectacular wall system features 14 strongholds, 100 artillery embrasures, four gateways, two armories, and subterranean corridors and tunnels.

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Savor The Delectable Cuisine

Trattoria Camozzi da Claudio

Mediterranean cuisine is the trattoria's specialty, as are handcrafted desserts. The menu has a variety of seafood entrée dishes, including oysters with porcini mushrooms and prawns with cognac cream, as well as seafood pasta dishes like penne with clams and gnocchi with Frutti di mare. The traditional tiramisu, cheesecake with berries, and apple strudel with vanilla ice cream are all available for people to sample in the desert. Additionally, there are traditional Italian dishes like casoncelli and risotto carnaroli available. There are various native and Italian wine selections on the list.

Il Pianone

The menu at Il Pianone features dishes from both regional and Tuscan gastronomy. Some of the delectable food pairings include walnut or beetroot ravioli with mushrooms and cream of goat cheese as the first entree and seared tuna fish with sesame crust served with crunchy broccoli as the main course. Even the choicest diners are always satisfied by traditional Bergamasco fare like risotto, casoncelli, valleys’ cheese, and prosciutto. There is a variety of beverages from all across the Lombardy province in the restaurant's cellar.

Antica Osteria del Vino Buono

Only traditional meals from Bergamo are offered at Antica Osteria del Vino Buono, like casconelli pasta loaded with mushrooms, baked risotto with broccoli and eggs, and fried veal with brussels sprouts. Traditional dishes with strong flavors, such as boards of cheese and sausages, polenta and asparagus, and a lot of meat, amaze guests with the flavor of homemade food. Ice cream and handcrafted desserts are also offered there. The restaurant also specializes in wine manufacturing, as suggested by its name.

Da Mimmo

Da Mimmo prides itself on being traditional but modern and offers many dishes that will make you want to go to Italy. Daily, a new menu is offered at the restaurant, always featuring renowned Italian specialties, market-fresh produce, delicious pasta, and a variety of cheese. Additionally, Da Mimmo serves four varieties of their classic pizza in addition to traditional, real Italian pie made with cheese di goat, fresh herbs, and peppers. Custard Millefeuille, Bon Bon Coffee Mousse, and Warm Apple, and Raisin Crumble are the desserts to try.

Your imagination will be blown by Bergamo's attractive town's incredible architecture. Visitors must explore this town at least once among the other stunning towns in Italy.