One of the most common questions asked about Virginia is why the state's slogan is 'Virginia is for lovers.' For decades now, people have been trying to figure out why the state is more romantic than others (enough so to have it implied in the motto, anyway) with not many people turning up legitimate answers.

The origin of the slogan dates back to about 1969 or so when the tourism board for the state was scratching their heads over how to describe this beautiful state in only one line. While it wasn't clear at the time, it's the nature that inspired this historic motto and, whether Robin McLaughlin, who worked for the Martin & Woltz advertising agency, knew it or not, it's one that would keep travelers coming back year after year. The secret about the original slogan is that there were slogans for every major part of the state before it was shortened to what it is now... Here's what originally made Virginia for lovers.


Virginia Is For History Lovers

As one of the original slogans, it makes perfect sense since Virginia is saturated in colonial and Revolutionary War-era history. All a person needs to do is take a trip to Colonial Williamsburg to see that its history is exactly what helped shape Virginia to be what it is today. So, while Virginia's slogan didn't necessarily have anything to do with two people falling in love with one another, it certainly implied that the state was perfect for lovers of something - history included.

And while Colonial Williamsburg is at the top of the list for most people wishing to get a true feel for its colonial persona, it's certainly not the only place to learn about the state's past. Historic Jamestowne is not far from Yorktown and is known for being the site of John Smith's permanent settlement. Many of the colonists who arrived in 1607 settled in this very spot and today, visitors can see the exact place with John Rolfe was married to Pocahontas, as well as taking tours through archeological dig sites in the area.

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Virginia Is For Mountain Lovers

Anyone who has heard of or has been lucky enough to see the Blue Ridge Mountains already knows that this is true. These enormous rolling hills give the Shenandoah Valley a gentle nature while humbling those who make it to their summits with the surrounding views. The best part about the western side of Virginia is that there are so many ways to take in the surrounding landscape, and it's not just limited to hiking.

While this is one of the best ways to be fully immersed in the nature around you, driving is also a great way to feel as though one is soaring above the trees. Skyline Drive is one of the most scenic drives in the entire country and takes visitors around switchback mountain turns, increasing in elevation ever so slightly as the road enters Shenandoah National Park. For anyone who's not keen on such a road, driving along the main highways in between the valleys will lead the way to perfect small towns - and surrounding views of the mountains from below.

Virginia Is For Beach Lovers

More specifically, Virginia Beach is for beach lovers! This is the most notable beach on Virginia's east coast, and it's known for its boardwalk, lovely sandy beaches, nightlife, and entertainment. It's also known for the resort-style hotels that line the boardwalk, giving way to balcony views of the entire shoreline. There's shopping abound in this vibrant city, and anything from beachy souvenirs to artisan clothing and crafts can be found here.

For a quieter beach getaway, the shores of Chesapeake hold some surprises for those who don't mind renting a house that's a bit out of the way. Many of these provide private beach access and are a good distance away from the hustle and bustle that is Virginia Beach during the peak summer season. Additionally, Chincoteague Island is a hidden gem and it's only across the bridge from Virginia Beach. This is where the famous Chincoteague ponies live, who roam free along the beaches and if you're lucky, you might see one on one of the island's tours. This island is also home to Cape Charles, which is a quiet little beach town that's home to a harbor, beachfront, historic downtown area, and the Cape Charles Brewing Company. There are plenty of beaches in between, and it only takes one to truly make a person fall in love with Virginia.

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