Solo globetrotters, couples on vacation, and families in search of sun, fun, food, and relaxation frequently choose Florida for their retreat from reality. As one of the United States' top tourist traps - moreover, one of the entire planet's - the Sunshine State offers everything that any and every traveler on this good earth could ever desire from a trip, no matter how long or short.

From exotic beaches, incredible water activities, and energetic nightlife to insatiable shopping, taste bud-tantalizing global cuisines, and, of course, some of the best amusement parks the world has ever seen, Florida's guests truly have it all - and that's why the state consistently retains its crown as a tourist favorite for adventurers of all budgets and ages. In particular, though, research was undertaken by VacationRenter recently revealed this revelation: Florida reigns over all other states as the official best for a spontaneous trip. But why?


To answer that question, the geniuses at VacationRenter scoured through an intense amount of data, hoping to figure out how and why vacationers without plans prefer Florida over any other US state - and they've achieved exactly that.

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The team at VacationRenters surveyed a group of 1,000 people, reviewing their travel habits and preferences. For the purpose of their search, they decided on two categories of holidaymakers: the planners and the spontaneous travelers, with the former being those who plan and pre-book everything meticulously in advance, while the latter prefer to wing it, trust their instincts, and see what happens.

Using insights from the survey's resulting data, VacationRenter's team fathomed what travelers in each category look for, what their travel habits are, who they travel with, their budgets, and how their different travel style relates to the activities they take part in at their holiday destination. The results? It seems Florida bodes best with knee-jerk vacationists - and here's an in-depth explanation to inspire that next spontaneous trip:

The Preferences Of Planners & Spontaneous Travelers

Out of the participants sampled, VacationRenter found that 30% of planners were mostly interested in touring historical sites and landmarks and 28.2% enjoyed visiting museums. These figures are quite logical considering that historic attractions and museums usually require more planning than heading out for a night on the town or lazing at the beach. For instance, organizing a tour of famous landmarks or museum visits often commands planning timing, exhibition schedule, tickets, reservation, and transport, which are all challenging to manage and won't likely go smoothly unless a proper plan is in place beforehand - especially if the trip is for a group or family.

In an alternate universe, the spontaneous are let loose, venturing off in search of what they love most: booze, beaches, and a blasé ambiance. Backed up by VacationRenter's research, ​​impromptu holidaymakers love to party and head to the beach (not necessarily in that order!) The stats showed that 43.6% of people in the spontaneous category are far more likely to prioritize drinking at famous bars, and 33.5% of those same folks rank going to the beach as their preferred priority.

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Ultimately, it's unchallenging to fathom spontaneous types' penchant for beaches and bars over other popular vacation pastimes, such as tours, museums, and historic landmarks. Boozing and partying (or a nice quiet tipple) softened by the sun, sand, and sea at the beach doesn't demand any stressful, energy-and-time-consuming planning ahead; it's an easy duo that's accessible and enjoyable to nonchalant vacationers who just want to chill out and find their happy place. Spontaneous types and lovers of the laissez-faire lifestyle did report an interest in visiting cultural and historic sites too, but their enjoyment levels were marginally lower than the planners', perhaps more likely to succumb to logistics and transport mishaps when trying to visit these places without a plan.

The Top US States For Planners & Spontaneous Travelers

VacationRenter's data showed that planners and spontaneous tourists preferred different activities, as well as entirely different states. Coming in at number one amongst those in the planner category was the Golden State of California, while the spontaneous travelers preferred to gallivant off to Florida instead - but what's the reason? Based on the discoveries and reasoning covered in the former section, there seem to be logical preferences related to the personalities of the two unique vacationist types steering their travel directions, which can be explained further by looking at these groups' favorite respective US states to visit, and what the regions themselves have to offer.

Florida and California are similar in the sense that they serve beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather, so it's natural to ponder why the two individual types of travelers prefer one or the other. Still, the main reasons why California draws in higher numbers from the advanced planning crowd are probably these:

  • California offers lots of historic and cultural landmarks to tour, which tend to involve more logistical organization.
  • California is more expensive to visit, demanding a prettier penny and more financial planning than its Floridian counterpart.

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Despite planners holding California dear in their strict itinerary-loving hearts, spontaneous travelers do have plenty to enjoy in the Golden State; from a bustling nightlife scene (that's a bit more expensive albeit) to famous shorelines that are significantly easier to access, such as Route 1 and 101, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the iconic Venice Beach, impulsive voyagers have no lack of favorites to savor. Still, California lacks a little in terms of what spontaneous visitors are really looking for; sure, it ticks a few boxes, but not all of them - as Florida does.

Next, it's Florida's evaluation - after which it's oh-so-easy to rationalize its paramount place on the spur-of-the-moment globetrotters' list of beloved destinations. The Sunshine State and its sun-splashed climate and powder-white beaches are on par with those in California; however, there are particular aspects that hold this tropical section of the US high in the heads of the unplanned jetsetter.

  • Florida boasts bountiful numbers of bars for drinking and dancing the night away - both low-key joints and famous establishments.
  • The Sunshine State's beaches are a picture of exotic paradise with a crystal-clear turquoise ocean.
  • Floridians and their state collectively exude that laissez-faire attitude and ambiance to which free-and-easy travelers are attracted.
  • Florida and all that it offers is generally less expensive than its California rival.

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Assuredly, California has beaches, and California has bars, but what California doesn't always have in comparison to Florida is rather simple - yet it makes a huge difference. Offering almost everything that the Golden State does, the gravitational pull that the Sunshine State has on spontaneous personality types is down to this basic reason: Florida's atmospheric zen is sublimely horizontal, and it's comparatively lower in cost for most things. And its appeal to vacationers in this category is totally understandable; if faced with two beautiful locations offering stunning beaches, inviting weather, entertaining historic and cultural attractions, and epic bars and nightlife on a golden platter, it's only human to opt for the one that's lighter on the wallet and more relaxed in the vibe - and that's precisely what Florida serves its unplanned, unorganized, fun-lovin' laid back traveler.

After a rational assessment of VacationRenter's results and modern trends, it would seem that the recipe to attract spontaneous travelers is a warm climate, which apparently makes for a seamless visit without stressful planning - and this idea affords sense considering that legendary tourist hubs like New York with its chillier, thrasher weather were less likely choices for the spur-of-the-moment group. Plus, this category's need for a full house across their board of preferences becomes seven more evident when taking into account the desired bars and beaches; for example, Washington, D.C. didn’t even make the top five in spite of having a decent dose of nightlife and bars. On the other hand, it did score well in the planner's category, probably thanks to its vast array of historical sites and museums to explore, which this group and its superior organizational skills seem to favor.

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Official: Florida Comes Top As The Perfect Destination For A Spontaneous Trip

Thanks to the data and results uncovered by VacationRenter, it's clear as the sunshine state's crystalline turquoise waters that Florida is a favorite for folk who love spontaneity when vacationing. It offers exactly what out-of-the-blue adventurers want from their vacay of randomness and excitement, from its laid-back atmosphere, postcard-perfect beaches, and warm weather to its entertaining nightlife chilled out activities that don't require much advance planning polished off by relatively low prices for anything and everything in comparison to many other popular vacation-worthy states. Plus, with its roster of natural attractions, areas of wildlife and pristine nature, historic and cultural landmarks, and of course, world-famous theme parks, Florida is so thoughtful that it's even thrown in a dose of the good stuff for planners, too!

Why Florida Deserves A Spontaneous Trip

It's an empty sentiment: catapulting all this information bigging up fabulous Florida without backing up why it is indeed the ideal US state for that spontaneous trip. Therefore, to lay the foundations for these claims, it's only natural to highlight what it is exactly that draws in the crowds to the Sunshine State, tickling the fancies of unprepared jet-setters along with everyone else. Interested? Here's what Florida has in store for the whimsical wanderluster without prior plans:


Say 'Florida,' and white sand beaches with glimmering azure sea appear in the mind. Of course, that's a realistic thought, given the Sunshine State boasts over 825 miles of sugar-soft sandy shorelines, pretty pebbled beaches, and seashell-peppered coasts all bathed by the brilliant blue sea that's as warm as it is welcoming. Appealing to beach bums and sun tanners and thrill-seekers alike, Floridian beaches - from the mainland's shoreline to the best beaches in the Florida Keys - offer the utmost to every kind of traveler. Under the glorious tropical sun, visitors have it all; once all that napping on the powdery sands has gotten too tiring, a whole host of adventures to be had in this sublime state include fishing, surfing, sailing, motorized water sports, and scuba diving.

It's not just the beauty and range of summery activities on offer in Florida that makes its beaches so divine, either; it's the variety of the sandy shores across the coastlines, with each bringing something unique to the table. Whether it's the stunning Key West Florida, or popular places like Ponte Cedra, Daytona Beach, or Miami Beach, this state's spots of sun, sand, and sea dotted all along its peninsula are paradisiacal with white sand, swaying palms, and clear teal sea complete with their fairytale Floridian sunset on the horizon - with the state officially being home to the greatest sunset on the planet, for that matter.

For spring breakers, Daytona Beach is where it's at, while Fort Myers Beach to the West Coast is prime for visitors seeking peace, quiet, and tranquility away from all the noise. On the other hand, Naples along the Gulf of Mexico provides luxury golf courses and fancy restaurants packaged in with its beach offerings, meanwhile, Sanibel and Captiva Islands promise excellent fishing and dolphin-watching opportunities. Even with all this selling of Florida's beaches, one thing's for certain; this is only a percentage of what's on offer to beach bunnies heading to the Sunshine State's sensational shores. There are countless sublime beaches; some, bustling and plush with amenities and activities, others, quiet and off the trodden sands with wildlife freely roaming - even nesting turtles, given the right season.

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Theme Parks

As the world's theme park capital, nothing oozes Florida's essence more than spending a day or a few in Orlando, where its numerous theme parks beckon the globe's thrill-hunters of all ages. There's a good reason why most go to the Sunshine State for its rollercoasters and epic rides; because they're some of the best on the planet, with the likes of Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, and the Islands of Adventure raking in all the attention.

Simultaneously, although lesser remembered, Tampa's Busch Gardens Africa also deserves a mention - as well as a visit. With a roster of rollercoaster rides combined with observable wildlife in close proximity to theme park-goers, this place is a perfect family favorite and an alternative to the high-energy fun and hecticness that is Orlando.

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Shopping and Nightlife

Alternatively, Florida-goers who prefer to stay dry will also find fun - through retail therapy and eventful nightlife. Travelers unable to resist the urban allure can fill their bags and shop 'til they drop; tons of stores and malls catering to all budgets, styles, and preferences call Florida 'home.' Although shopaholics with a penchant for life's finer luxuries and lacking financial limitations will have ample choice, those on a budget can enjoy spending here, too; well-known areas outside of South Beach and Miami boast several outlets offering shoppers more affordable price tags.

After all that running around going wild in the malls, where better to wear one's new wardrobe bought at Florida's malls than its flowery nighttime establishments? The Sunshine State wakes up and comes to life in an entirely new light after light hours, and that's when the party truly begins. Buzzing hives of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and open-air beach clubs boom come sundown, with their gravitational pull magnetizing those who need nothing more than to put on their hottest outfits, throw down a few drinks, let their hair down, and dance the night away as if it's their last 24 hours on earth. Undeniably, Miami Beach is the most legendary and populated nightlife hotspot for Floridians and tourists, but other parts in the state elicit equal excitement, too, such as Fort Lauderdale, Ybor City, and even Disney World complexes - like Pleasure Island, for one.

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Natural Sites and National Parks

Naturally, beaches abound in Florida; however, what many don't even consider is its policy sites of natural splendor. Floridian nature areas and national parks with their breathtaking landscapes are a must and at least one of them should be included on any visitor's to-do list during their stay in the Sunshine State. The home of the kaleidoscopic Florida Reef - the planet's third-largest barrier reef - and the rich Everglades National Park, it's as transparent as the waters here that Mother Nature has blessed this part of the world with a number of incredible nature-laden hotspots bustling with fascinating, exotic species - many of which are exceedingly rare and even endangered.

Worthy of a mention, the magnificent migration of monarch butterflies is one special event that wildlife fans need to experience. With masses of these vibrant, winged insects taking flight from Mexico and stopping for a break at the Gulf National Shore, this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon is exceptionally worth it for folks willing to time their vacation right - even if it only occurs once a year.

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Culture and History

Theme parks, nightlife, and beaches are the three main pillars of a Florida escapade; after all, these key three are what the Sunshine State is globally famed for. Still, the trio merely represents half of what the state promises its visitors, with so much more on the table for those willing to open their eyes, look, and even steer off the beaten road. The history and cultural heritage of Florida truly is something to savor if one has the time in between all the clubbing, shopping, beach-bumming around, and coaster rides. A discernible cocktail of French, British, Jewish, and Cuban cultures and customs thrive in this extraordinary portion of the US, which can be seen and sampled through the state's collections of attractions and events - be they in the form of fantastic musical spectacles, concerts, theater shows and more, all taking place year-round in almost every town and city.

Should that not sound enriching enough, museums in Florida are also something to call home about; the state's art, science, history, and military museums satiate curious travelers' cravings as well as families' longing for enriched minds, where each tells its own unique story of the historic events, scientific developments, wildlife worlds, and cultural influences that shaped and transformed the spectacular sunny state into the marvelous melting pot of nature, industry, fun, food, art, music, and culture it is today.