Traveling brings a sense of wanderlust, excitement, and nervous energy. We see enough travel bloggers on social media to get the travel itch here and there and when it's time to book the trip, it's time to buckle down on planning.

Once a destination is chosen (which is probably the hardest part!), a traveler's mind is racing with activities to partake on, sightseeing tours, and food — oh, the food! But before getting too far ahead with reservations and timeframes, there's one more thing a traveler should focus on: travel insurance.


Travel insurance is the last thing on a traveler's mind when there are other more exciting and intoxicating things to think about but it shouldn't be forgotten. Buying travel insurance before the trip can secure a person with canceled flights, stolen luggage, and most importantly, medical emergencies.

Expect The Unexpected

The last thing a traveler thinks about is the possibility of getting injured on their trip. The thoughts of important monuments, beaches, and foreign foods are weighing heavily on their minds. However, medical emergencies happen all the time and yes, they happen unexpectedly.

Without travel insurance, a person may have to pay for their medical bills upfront, which for many is unfathomable. Most countries outside of the US and Canada don't accept a person's home country insurance, which is where travel insurance comes in handy.

Cancelations Won't Leave You Broke

Is there anything worse than having to cancel a trip after already paying for it? Travelers watch all their hard-earned money go right down the drain after an unforeseeable event leaves them with no other choice but to cancel a trip of a lifetime.

Well, guess what? Having travel insurance with cancelation benefits allows the traveler to get a refund for nonrefundable or prepaid trips as long as it's covered by the particular insurance company. If a traveler has to cancel an exceptionally expensive trip—like a cruise—most cruise lines don't offer a full refund on their trip (which is most likely in the thousands).  Having travel insurance can protect a person from paying for a trip for seemingly no reason.

Don't Let A Missing Bag Ruin Your Trip

Having baggage get lost or go missing after a flight is a traveler's worst nightmare. There go hundreds of dollars in clothes, makeup, accessories, shoes, and sometimes travel documents. Now they have to go out and buy clothes for their trip, spending money that was reserved for sightseeing!

This is also another important reason why putting those important travel documents in a carry-on or purse is a better idea. It's better to have those things on you than not.

Buying travel insurance with delay benefits (for travel or baggage) can come in huge for a traveler. They'll be reimbursed for any extra money they've spent on getting new clothes or accommodation expenses. This kind of insurance can be a savior if someone's planning a trip with a bunch of layovers.

Look Out For Yourself

If a traveler is planning on renting a car, scooter, or bike, it's a great idea to grab travel insurance to protect both you and strangers who may be involved. After all, if a traveler is involved in an accident that they caused, they'll be liable for the damages.

Even if a traveler didn't cause the accident but was simply involved in the mess, having travel insurance that protects against accidents will also protect them.

Have Peace Of Mind If You're Stolen From

Travelers are so excited by a new atmosphere that they're susceptible to being robbed or taken from. Whether it's a stranger stealing from a traveler's purse or someone taking things from a suitcase, it can be a devastating discovery.

Buying travel insurance that protects against theft is essential for people traveling long periods at a time. Sadly, travelers need to be extra careful with their belongings in 2020 as there are some people who like to prey on a naive tourist. When a theft occurs, the traveler needs to request a claim with their insurance company and will be reimbursed accordingly.