Malls are the ultimate havens for the average consumer. Many malls are equipped with high-functioning A/Cs, spacious walking aisles, and specialty stores that will attract a variety of consumers. While other travelers prefer exploring the beauty of the Canadian wilderness, other travelers adore shopping until they drop. For these tourists, the West Edmonton Mall is a perfect destination for them! Located in Edmonton, Alberta, this Canadian mall is studded with shops, eateries, and tourist attractions that make it an incredible experience for many travelers. So, before hiking to Alberta’s national parks, please take a couple of hours to explore this Giant Mall and discover why it’s worth visiting!

8 It’s The Largest Shopping Mall In North America

The West Edmonton Mall is no ordinary mall with a couple of dozen stores. Instead, this Canadian mall is one of the largest malls in the country, which rivals the biggest shopping malls found in America! This Alberta mall is equipped with over 800 stores, 11 world-famous attractions, and two hotels. That means guests can eat, drink, and sleep at this mall. What’s more, this massive mall does not attract thousands of visitors every year. Instead, the West Edmonton Mall proudly welcomes over 32 million visitors every year. With a tourist population as significant as some countries or cities, there are plenty of reasons why people are attracted to this monster of a mall!

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7 The Mall Has “Themed” Streets

Make friends at home jealous by letting them know it’s possible to visit Europe and Asia all in one day, thanks to the West Edmonton Mall. This incredible mall is so large that it’s divided into distinct streets that resemble different parts of the world!

  • Bourbon (or BRBN) Street is home to some of the city’s most well-known restaurants like the Old Spaghetti Factory and Boston Pizza .
  • Europa Boulevard houses specialty stores and luxury brands, all within an area that resembles European architecture and style.
  • Chinatown offers a combo of Asian-inspired architecture and decor while offering patrons specialty shops.

At the same time, the mall is chalked full of eateries that offer cuisines from around the world. Feel like enjoying a boba milk tea with a side of fresh sushi? The West Edmonton Mall presents guests with many food options guaranteed to satisfy all palettes, preferences, and tastes.

6 World Water Park Is America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark

Alberta is nowhere near an ocean or coast, but that’s okay because people can cool off at the mall's World Waterpark! This massive water park is perfect for the whole family, though. Honestly, the park is as much for adults as for kids. Ride the waves at the Blue Thunder Wave Pool or take wild twists and turns while riding the park’s water slides, Cyclone, Blue Bullet, and the Corkscrew.

5 There’s A Giant Amusement Park In The Mall

It’s hard to imagine that a mall can house many attractions, but the West Edmonton Mall aims to surprise and please even the most cynical guests. Tourists who need their frowns turned upside down need to check out Galaxyland (formerly known as Fantasyland). This amusement park is home to 27 rides, featuring bumper cars, carousels, and thrilling coasters. Don’t forget to get an adrenaline rush by riding the Mindbender, which is currently the tallest indoor roller coaster globally.

4 Meet Some Cute Marine Animals

Take a break from shopping and head on over to Marine Life, the mall’s underground aquarium. This attraction is home to hundreds of marine life, from enthusiastic sea lions to adorable penguins (guests can even book a “Meet and Greet” experience with them!). This aquarium may not be as extensive as some of the largest zoos in North America, but it’s worth checking out for travelers in need of seeing some wildlife.

3 Go Bowling (And Enjoy Other Arcade Games)

Visit Ed’s Bowling to knock some pins down with the whole family (or other travel companions). The establishment also has a billiards table, arcade games, and escape rooms available for play! Enjoy some tenpin bowling or lounge around while playing a kingpin bowling. If bowling doesn’t sound appealing, fight an alien outbreak by working as a team inside an escape room.

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2 The Mall's Hotel Rooms Have A Unique Theme

Ever wanted to sleep inside a space pod or bunk like royalty? Thanks to Fantasyland, now tourists can live out those fantasies! Located within the West Edmonton Mall, Fantasyland is not just a regular hotel. This establishment is home to hundreds of rooms with unique themes like “Victorian Coach,” “Polynesian,” “Canadian Cabin,” and much more! So sleep inside a pirate ship or take a hop inside a spaceship to head to the moon. No matter which room travelers get, it will be unique!

1 Watch A Comedy Show

Need a good laugh? Luckily, the mall has its comedy club, Rick Bronson’s Comic Strip. So have a lively drink at the bar and enjoy a decadent dinner while sharing a laugh or two with a travel companion. The Comic Strip is an excellent establishment to wind down and relax after a long day of shopping at North America’s largest mall!