When it comes to traveling in different parts of the world, there are a ton of ways that you could go about doing it. You could elect to walk everywhere or you could rent a car. If your destination is not across a large body of water or you can take a ferry, you can even bring your own car!

Traveling in areas that you're not familiar with can be a bit of a risk. You have to learn to deal with the various traffic practices, driving on different sides of the highway and just being more aware in general.


With a recent increase in people's fascination with Asian countries, Vietnam comes onto our radar. If you've decided to venture across the pond to this beautiful country, your best bet is to rent a scooter!

If you have any hesitation about this popular mode of transportation among Vietnamese locals, here are some reasons why it's your best bet!

New Culture + New Friends = Perfect Combination

Meeting new people and interacting with locals in your country/city of destination is a prominent reason why people travel. And traveling by scooter just adds to it!

According to vietnammotorbiketour.asia, Vietnamese people are extremely friendly. It's completely normal for people to wave at you and children to run after you as you zoom by. In fact, because many parts of the country are so remote, the people there are particularly welcoming.

If you're on a scooter, you can ask directions or even just strike up a conversation with the locals! If you're worried about the language barrier, English is one of the languages spoken in Vietnam. However, if you're still hesitant, you'll still be welcomed with open arms, despite your attempts at broken Vietnamese!

There are also many motorbike and scooter tours run in Vietnam. So you get the added bonus of meeting like-minded tourists, as well as exploring the country.

Finding Food In The Most Remote Corners

No trip to a new country would be complete without trying some of the local food. And Vietnam has come prepared! They are a country well-known for their street food and traditional foods.

Even if you're not the most adventurous when it comes to food, kimtravel.com reassures you that you can find relatively universal dishes available, such as beef noodles (or noodles in general). You can even come across fresh baguettes if you feel like something simple!

If you make your way by scooter, you'll have an even more intimate experience with local food and street food, especially in the more remote areas. If you're lucky, you'll enter a village where they'll have plenty of stories to share about a particular delicacy native to the area.

Take A Ride On The Wild Side

One of the more unspoken truths about traveling by scooter is that ultimately, flexibility and freedom are completely in your court! You don't have to stick to a guided tour, no one is timing you in a specific area before moving onto the next and no one is forcing you to go see sites that don't interest you.

On a scooter, you get to be in the open air, enjoying the sites first hand as they come. You can take risks by following interesting roads and back streets, and even stop to ask the locals for directions. Maybe a free meal and generous show of hospitality might follow!

The point is, scooter traveling gives you unlimited freedom to create your own itinerary on a moment's notice!

The Ultimate Sight-Seeing Tool

As mentioned above, scooters are the ultimate sight-seeing tool. And Vietnam provides you with some of the best sites to feast your eyes on.

You can start by taking the famous Ho Chi Minh Highway that connects the north and south sides of the country. You can get a closer look at the mountains of Sapa, Bac Ha and Ha Giang (the latter become more and more popular among backpackers!)

If you crave some city action, you can ride through the capital city of Hanoi, which is known for its traffic, breathtaking pagodas and its constantly bustling Old Quarter.

If you want something a little more remote or quiet, check out Da Lat, a mountain town known for its rappelling and waterfalls, and Mui No, a coastal town known for its windsurfing.