Montreal is famous for its great food and old-fashioned architecture and people say that it feels like Europe. But what about Quebec City? While this place might not be on everyone's radar, it's definitely a destination that you should consider going to.

With beautiful streets, history, and unique dishes that would be so much fun to try out, it's a perfect spot for a long weekend (or split your time between Montreal and Quebec City). Before booking a trip, check out these reasons that this Canadian city is worth your travel time. Whether you travel here in winter or summer, you'll find a lot to do and see some gorgeous sights.


Try Local Food: Poutine Is Delicious And You Can't Miss Maple Taffy

You have to try poutine when you're anywhere in Quebec. Le Chic Shack is a wonderful place to grab some. What's so unique about this spot is that it offers up poutine, milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, salad, and burgers. It's really cool that you can order a milkshake and some poutine at the same place, so it has an old-school charm to it.

People love the poutine: someone posted on Trip Advisor and said, "If you are looking to try a delicious Poutine, this is the place in Quebec City. On our trip through several eastern Canadian cities, here we certainly ate the best Poutine."

You'll also want to try maple taffy, and a great place to find some is called La Petite Cabane a Sucre. They have a lot of treats such as maple butter and maple fudge. You can even get ice cream.

Take A Brewery Tour recommends going to a brewery during your time in Quebec City. You can sign up for a tour led by Broue-Tours for $81.o3 CAD. According to Trip Advisor, you'll visit Stadacone distillery, which offers an incredibly different and unique tour: after seeing where the place makes gin, you'll visit an escape room. This makes it more of a family-friendly activity.

Brasserie Artisanale La Souche is also part of the tour. This is a beautiful, cozy pub with a lot of beers to choose from along with a full menu of food including nachos, poutine, French onion soup, a pulled pork sandwich, and more. Thanks to this Trip Advisor review, we know that the beer selection here is awesome: "The beers: LOTS of choices... that can please anyone. They usually carry a good 15 different kinds of beers. Some made on-site. I especially liked their IPA. It was hoppy but not too much."

Stay At The Château Frontenac

To Europe And Beyond calls the Château Frontenac "the most photographed hotel in the world" and one glance and it's easy to see why. This is a super popular and famous hotel and it would be really fun to stay here.

Imagine walking up to the grand entrance and seeing this beautiful building which looks a lot like a castle. Whether the roof is covered in snow or it's the middle of fall with bright vibrant leaves, it's a beauty. The lobby is ornate and grand and golden, and the rooms are really nice, too.

Spend Time In Saint-Jean

The Culture Trip mentions Saint-Jean as a great neighborhood in Quebec City. You can visit markets, restaurants, and coffee shops. calls this area "a must for anyone visiting Quebec City" and mentions that it's even better in the summer months because no cars are allowed and it's strictly a pedestrian area. There's also a skating rink at Place D'Youville that you can use if you visit the city in the winter.

There are so many reasons to head over to Quebec City, including the delicious local food, a gorgeous historical hotel, and an awesome neighborhood. You'll also want to add a brewery tour to your list of things to do in this Canadian city that is charming and beautiful.