From rear seat kickers and window hoggers to stinky travelers and pungent foodies, inconsiderate plane passengers can be annoying. Sometimes it seems that with the reduction of space between passengers, people are becoming both more frustrated… and frustrating at the same time.

And there they are: the passengers who stand in the aisle as soon as the plane lands - even before the seat belt sign turns off. The doors are not open, no! But there are people already standing with their butts having a conversation with your face. Why? Is there a second Great Human Migration?


Interestingly, according to a survey, 35% of people find so-called queue jumpers really annoying. Even though people, including airplane crew, think that passengers who stand up as soon as the plane lands are inconsiderate, the truth is that psychology plays a huge role in this behavior.

Dealing With Phobias Can Be Hard

Some people scared of flying really need to exit as quickly as possible to overcome their emotional discomfort. According to science, flying phobias are similar to agoraphobia - an anxiety disorder in which people fear places that make them feel helpless. Hearing about flying disasters and accidents does not help either. Some queue jumpers, on the other hand, may have ADHD, so sitting for hours can be simply too difficult for them. The same goes for kids! So let’s stop judging families with toddlers - you listening to loud music or talking loudly can be more annoying than a chatty child.

The Illusion Of Control: Some People Simply Think They'll Exit Faster

Another scientific explanation is people’s urgency to take control of their lives. Moreover, many people believe that standing in the aisle as soon as the plane lands will help them get off and collect their luggage quicker. Well, I have to admit that I’ve done that as well, and it did help me leave the airport quicker… But I had the aisle seat in the last row, only a small carry-on bag under the seat in front of me, and no family or friends to wait for. Unfortunately, according to stats, this trick works only for the first 30 people to get off.

Breaking Bad Habits Can Be Tough

Bad habits simply die hard. It’s not a secret that people who enjoy nicotine products flying can be stressful, especially with all the strict policies around the globe. Long-haul flights, in particular, can be a real nightmare. In fact, experts suggest avoiding drinking as alcohol consumption and other vices often go hand-in-hand. And talking about bad habits, let’s not forget about the power of crowds, a habit we cannot kick as it’s deeply ingrained in our mentality and survival instincts. It’s been proven that then someone stands, other people also feel the need to stand. And as a result, we have the whole aisle blocked.

We All Have Arms And Legs To Stretch

Let’s admit it! We all have arms and legs to stretch. While this is not an excuse for breaking airplane rules - and doing yoga in the aisle, just like Hilaria Bawdin - some people do need to stand up to feel physically better. Note that cabin air pressure causes less oxygen to be taken by the blood and gases to expand. Individuals with sinusitis, inflammation, eye problems, abdominal surgery or other injuries might find flights not only uncomfortable but (literally) painful. Here, we should note that companies are trying to gain more and more profit disregarding passengers; some low-cost companies have introduced standing seats, often described as torture chambers.

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Some Passengers Simply Do Need To Get Off ASAP

Last but not least, some people simply have practical reasons to stand up. Nah, we are not talking about you, Mr. and Mrs. Business Class. Many travelers simply have other planes to catch, so it’s no surprise that worrying about a connection can make passengers impatient. And let’s not forget about medical emergencies that give people the right to exit first.

There’s no doubt that flying is one of the greatest inventions ever. As a matter of fact, flying began to change in the 50s. Flying is no longer an adventure but a stressful necessity; we should also mention that with the increase in passenger traffic, the level of personal service has drastically begun to decrease. So it’s no surprise that people are more and more stressed (and awkward).

That said - while there’s no excuse for breaking safety rules and airplane etiquette by standing up as soon as the plane lands - there are various scientific and practical reasons behind this phenomenon. Perhaps nobody will exit and get through customs quicker, but let’s just follow the crowd and keep standing!

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