Finding out whether Melbourne or Sydney is the most attractive place to visit has been quite a debatable topic. And it is for a good reason. The Melbourne-Sydney competition has its roots back in the early 19th century when both cities used to rival in terms of culture, arts, and commerce. Some of their clashes have mellowed down as years passed.

But now, the stark divide between the two cities is yet again opening old wounds. The exponential development these cities have experienced has pushed them to compete in becoming which city is regarded as the best vacation and tourist haven in Australia.


Sydney is known as the hub for finance and economy as it boasts a strong corporate sector and booming trade. It is the home for many millionaires and film stars. It has great scenery as well, great food and exciting activities. However, Melbourne is not that bad either! It smugly holds the crown as the most livable city in Australia for 7 consecutive years. Melbourne is also known for its attractive infrastructure, fashionable and diverse culture. It is ideal for globetrotters because of its rich festivals and attractive landmarks. When it comes to travel and vacation, Melbourne is up a notch.

But don’t take our word for it. The following are some of the many reasons why Melbourne is a better vacation spot when compared to Sydney.

Melbourne Has A Rich And Dynamic Culture

While Sydney has its opera house, which is considered an iconic landmark, Melbourne offers a variety of events that portray the heart of Melbourne’s culture. It has its Arts Centre Melbourne – Australia’s biggest theatre for arts and performance. The Australian Ballet Company shares cultural entertainment through film screenings and live music. And finally, Federation Square is considered the business haven in Melbourne but it is a lively district filled with exhibitions and tours that highlight various cultures from around the world.

Something is enticing about the culture that breathes in Melbourne. It is carefully interwoven in the fabric of the city’s music, arts, cuisine, and entertainment. Given its dynamic culture, it gives off that metropolitan vibe because it is home to many museums, galleries, and gardens. No wonder the city is considered the cultural metropole of Australia.

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Melbourne Is The Centre Of Night-Life Entertainment

For those who like to party not just all night but all day too, Melbourne nightlife is the best experience for you to enjoy. It has the best bars and pubs that attract not only local revelers but foreigners as well. Check out the Black Pearl bar for its late-hour cocktails. The Heartbreaker is known for its rock and roll nightlife vibe. Unfortunately, since Sydney had its share of crime and violence, it is at no par with Melbourne when it comes to being the city that never sleeps.

Undeniably, the city allows visitors and tourists to do many fun activities 24/7. Even the Melbourne evenings hold the promise of entertainment and fun. It’s a great place for revelers to plunge into the very heart of the nocturnal and vibrant life of Melbourne. If you simply want to just let your hair down and go on a bender, Melbourne nightlife welcomes you.

Melbourne Has A Better Transportation System

Yet again, Sydney lags when it comes to having a good transport system. Travelers who simply like to enjoy the ride while watching the scenery greatly benefit from Melbourne’s City Circle Tram – an open service that offers free rides to see the best iconic attractions in Melbourne. Of course, a lot of travelers prefer being green and economical. With the transport convenience offered in Melbourne, tourists and vacationers will find it easy to get around the city.

It helps to know, as well, that Melbourne is quite a walkable city. Before you know it, you might end up traipsing all around the iconic spots and enjoy a laid-back hiking experience. Fairly, Melbourne allows you to commute conveniently but still holds favor among trekkers and hikers.

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Melbourne Is Known For Its Best Street Art

You can’t say you’ve been to Melbourne without getting the opportunity to witness their breath-taking mural art. One of the reasons why Melbourne is tourist-worthy is because its architecture is not only elegant, it has an artistic flair. If you walk around town, the local laneways scream art and uniqueness.

Check out Hosier Lane, Centre Place, or the Keith Haring mural. They are only a few of the most iconic and awe-inspiring Melbourne public art ever introduced to society in general. It allows visitors and tourists to experience the feeling of entering a world-class art museum in the beautiful and open local scenery Melbourne has to offer.

Of course, determining the better city between the two rivals ultimately depends on personal preference and status, but we can’t help but fall in love with Melbourne. While Sydney has its charm, Melbourne has an enticing charisma that lures tourists and vacationers. A great vacation requires breath-taking scenery, transport convenience, vibrant food and culture, and great nightlife for some. And indeed, you can find all of that in Melbourne.

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