Las Vegas is the Sin City that draws a massive 42 million visitors from far and wide. There are many things to see and do in this remarkable city. For many, Vegas is the place to go and relax and enjoy the world's vices at their very best. But around a quarter of all visitors are first-timers and many of them are making classic rookie mistakes. Making mistakes is an inevitable part of traveling and nothing to be ashamed of. As the saying goes "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." But of course, no one wants to make these mistakes and some are easy enough to avoid if tipped off in advance - See here for some of the best free things to do in Las Vegas.


Here are some tips for not making classic rookie mistakes in America's king Sin City and for not spending unnecessary amounts of money while staying there.

Take Uber And Lyft Rides

While the Strip itself isn't all that large, distances between the various casinos may be larger than one may think. One should aim to plan around this. Fortunately, Uber and Lyft work really well in this city and they are reasonably affordable. Often the cost of a trip will only be around $10, so make sure one has the apps downloaded before heading there.

While distances are greater than it seems, they aren't that great. And because Uber and Lyft work so well, it is not normally necessary to rent a car. If one rents a car, one will need to pay for parking and find a parking spot. Of course if one wants to explore outside of the city and see the amazing Hoover Dam or the mysterious Area 51 along the Extraterrestrial Highway, then it would make sense to hire a car. But if one is anticipating just being in and around the Strip, then it's often not logical to hire a car. Plus this is Vegas, and one thing that almost all visitors are going to be doing on the Strip is drinking. So one will not even be able to drive one's car back to the resort.

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Stay Close To The Strip

The Strip is where all the fun is. So one may want to avoid booking the cheapest hotel away from the Strip - plus one is going to be paying higher Uber and Lyft fees if one does. Don't be afraid to book one's stay in the casinos on the Strip. Often these rooms are affordable as well as they are betting that they will make their money on gambling and the like. This is of course optional to actually gamble there.

Save Some Money By...

Not Paying Ridiculous Money For Magic Trick Kits

Another tip is that the people at the casinos and shops are experts at separating the person from their money. Avoid paying inflated prices. One of the things to watch out for is magic trick kits. One such trick is making a card "fly" and move by "brainpower" alone. All the kit is, is some extremely fine line that is nigh impossible to see, some blue tack, and a card. They can sell this magic kit for a hundred or so dollars, but go to any shop outside of the Strip and they are for sale for 5 dollars.

Not Paying Full Price For Show Tickets

One normally can find discounts on show tickets, don't panic and pay the full inflated price. One can almost always find discounts if one looks around. One website to check out for discounts is, they are often showing much better prices. One can even book dinner and show tickets through them.

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Booking In Advance

Vegas is busy year-round. It is often cheaper to book in advance as well as avoiding the shows booking out when one is there. The reverse can often also be true though. Last-minute tickets just before the start of the show can also be significantly discounted. So this largely comes down to if there is a bucket list of shows one specifically wants to see, or if one is happy with watching whatever is own and is a good deal. There are scores of shows all the time in this city so there will always be something to see and great deals to be had.

Eating And Drinking During Happy Hour

Often restaurants in Las Vegas have happy hours, so if one can time one's drinking and meals with those hours, then one can save some money. Also one can find a number of great buffet deals around town, sometimes they even have all-you-can-drink wine!

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