Let's dive into some history. On July 7, 1992, Khajjar was put on the world tourism map. The name Mini Switzerland was given to Khajjar by the Vice-chancellor and head of the chancery of Switzerland in India namely Mr. Willy T Blazer. He called it Mini Switzerland because both Khajjar and Switzerland share similarities when it comes to their topographical and geographical terrain. Not only do they share similarities in terrain, Khajjar and Switzerland also share similar climates as well as forests and wildlife. Indeed Khajjar is a Mini Switzerland. However, there exist several things visitors can do or see in the beautiful Khajjar.


What To See In Khajjar

A Visit To The Khajjar Lake

Numerous lakes are present throughout the world however none are quite like the Khajjar lake. The Khajjar lake exists at an altitude of 1,920 meters and is situated at one of the highest points in India in comparison to other lakes. The Khajjar lake offers a breathtaking view of the landscape located at a lower altitude. The Khajjar lake is shielded by a pine forest and cedar trees. This lake has a refreshing feeling to it and can be seen from a distance on a clear day. The Khajjar lake Is the perfect spot for a picnic with friends and family.

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See The Lord Shiva Statue

While in Khajjar also known as Mini Switzerland, visitors can see the Lord Shiva Statue in its beauty. The Lord Shiva statue is among the tallest throughout Himachal Pradesh and is measured at 85 feet and reflects sunlight in a mesmerizing manner during the day. During the winter months, the Lord Shiva Statue is usually bathed with snow which gives it a near-magical look as though Lord Shiva had come to life and began meditating.

Khajji Nag Temple

The Khajji Nag Temple dates back to the 12th century and is often said to be the holiest of shrines throughout Himachal Pradesh. This temple was dedicated to the Khajji Nag also referred to as the lord of the serpent. The Khajji Nag Temple is also a well-known pilgrimage destination for people throughout the country. The idols of Lord Ganesha can be found inside this temple alongside Hadimba. Although this Temple is made strictly from wood, its beauty is unrivaled. Pictures of the battle of Mahabharata can be found in the innermost chamber of the Khajji Nag Temple.

  • Hours: The Khajji Nag temple opening hours are from 6 AM to 8 AM from Monday to Sunday

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Golden Devi Temple

Located just near the Khajjar lake is the Golden Devi Temple, one of the most well-known tourist sights throughout Khajjar. The tranquillity of the Golden Devi Temple is indeed a get away from the bustling town outside of Khajjar. The Golden Devi Temple is a paradise for spirituality inclined people as it calms both the spirit and the mind. This temple features a breathtaking view of a golf course just close to the temple. The peaceful and quiet experience of this temple helps push away negative emotions.

When To Visit Khajjar

Khajjar is located in the Himalayas and by implication has chilly weather. It is not advisable to visit during the winter months due to the terrain and geographical location meaning the weather will be really harsh. Just like the winter months, visiting during the monsoon season could prove catastrophic due to the occasional landslides that happen at hilltops. People have been known to be stranded during this season with no way to call for help.

All being said, the safest and most enjoyable time to visit is during Summer or Spring precisely from March through September with an exception of July and August.

How To Visit

Thankfully, making a trip to Mini Switzerland is not a herculean task. Below is how to get to this hill station. Once in Dalhousie, everything is straightforward as you can take a taxi straight to your destination. If you own a car, ensure to leave from Chamba as the distance between Chamba and Khajjar is only 26 kilometers away.

Now you know the wonders of Khajjar and why it was nicknamed "Mini Switzerland." The vice-chancellor and head of the chancery of Switzerland were so marveled by the semblance of the two locations he could not help but take a piece of rock from Khajjar taking it back all the way to Switzerland and fixing it right in front of the Swiss parliament as a reminder of their twin "Mini Switzerland" located over a thousand miles away.

Khajjar is a beautiful place and Is definitely worth the visit. Are you looking for a place to relax and feel close to nature? Khajjar is the place to go. Not only does Khajjar offer the above, but it also offers visitors a chance to see the Indian culture at its finest.

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