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Every year the Catskills continue to draw visitors who wish to experience its natural wonder. Those who have frequently visited the region have probably already heard of the Mountain Lodge, and those new Catskills just need to be introduced. Located not too far off from some best hiking and stunning sights in the Catskills, travelers can find the Mountain Lodge.

Complete with its own fantastic accommodations on-premise, the family-owned lodge does an excellent job taking care of the guests. Travelers should want to know what makes the Catskills Mountain Lodge so famous.


Why the Catskills Mountain Lodge is So Famous

The Catskills Mountain Lodge has all the amenities and a well-maintained retro vibe. They also offer guests clean and classy rooms, a well-maintained pool, and a bar area on top of free parking at fair costs. The reason why travelers flock to the Mountain Lodge is quite apparent. It is just 20 Minutes to Hunter Mountain and is surrounded by 600,000 acres of woodland; travelers who enjoy that outdoors will find plenty to entertain themselves with here.

Hiking Hunter Mountain

Hiking Hunter mountain is a popular option for travelers to the region. It should be noted that both routes are challenging. These are not easy hikes.

Hunter Mountain via Becker Hollow Trail is a three-hour 43 minutes hike that takes travelers on a fairly direct route. It is a popular destination for bird watching, and despite being a challenging hike, it is quite common to encounter other hikers on this trail.

Hunter Mountain Via Spruce Horse Trail offers a scenic way to hike in a loop around the mountain. This trail does commonly have horses on it, so those hiking should be a bit wary.

  • Hunter Mountain via Becker Hollow Trail (Challenging) - Length: 7.6 km, Elevation gain: 683 m, Route type: Out & back, map
  • Hunter Mountain via Spruceton Horse Trail (Challenging) - Length: 14.6 km, Elevation gain: 629 m, Route type: Loop, map

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Why The Lodge Is Worth Booking

Catskill Mountain Lodge is on the map as one of the top destinations to stay at while visiting the Catskills. They are a year-round family-owned lodge set on the banks of the famed Kaaterskill Creek with spacious, comfortable rooms and three cabins. It is Close to Hunter & Windham Ski resorts, Woodstock, Saugerties, and Horse Shows in the Sun. Travelers can join them in the courtyard at their full bar.

Catskill Mountain Lodge is worth booking because it offers its guests an opportunity to stay in three distinct styles of rooms and offers entertainment on the premise and at convenient distances while at a fair rate at a noncooperation hotel.

Costs & Amenities Of The Catskills Mountain Lodge

With popular room types and accommodations, The Catskills Mountain Lodge sits conveniently in the Catskills with great access to everything around it. On top of the variety of housing options, the lodge offers the Bronson, an arcade and bar area, and a swimming pool accessible by its guests. Catskill mountain lodge prices are fair and competitive too.

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Room Types

The Mountain Lodge offers three types of rooms to its visitors. Each one fulfills a slightly different role for the variety of different visitors that frequent the lodge. The Lodge room is best for those who intend to spend a few days at the lodge. They are large rooms with two king or queen-sized beds. The Motel Rooms are smaller and a little cheaper. They are perfect for those passing through and not in need of much extra. They will either have a twin or a queen bed. The Poolside Cabins are also a popular option that allows visitors to have a bit of space around them as well as access to the pool. All Cabins have a patio, and they have one and two-bedroom options.

  • Lodge Room - ($149-$225/night) 375 sq feet. Their most spacious rooms.
  • Motel Room - ($119-$149/night) 250 sq feet. For the budget-conscious traveler.
  • Poolside Cabin - ($179-$325/night) 1 or 2 bedroom. For travelers that want some space and easy pool access.
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The Bronson (The Bar and Arcade)

Inside the Hotel itself, travelers can find the Bronson. This is a bar and arcade area that offers entertainment to a variety of ages throughout the day. The arcade has a pool table along with a collection of entertaining games and Off Track Betting.

  • For Sale - Drinks, Snacks
  • OTB - Wednesday to Sunday 11:30 am to 7:30 pm / Saturday 11:30 am to 10 pm

Swimming Pool

This well-kept swimming area is a popular draw for the guests. With chairs for sunbathing, the Swimming Pool at the Mount Lodge is an excellent location to pass the time while enjoying the sun.