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Home to some of the most impressive fauna in the world, Africa has long been a safari destination for travelers and adventurers. Of all the National Parks in Africa and of all the possible safaris travelers could possibly go on, those offered by Kruger National Park are simply the best available. Being home to all the African Big Five as well as the most likely place in the world to spot a leopard, Kruger National Park is a must-visit location for any lover of wildlife.


Travelers to Kruger National Park will find that the park has an abundance of safari options to choose from. The experiences they offer are quite varied and give travelers the chance to really choose which adventure is correct for them. So, to help travelers make the correct choice, here is a look at why Kruger National Park is so famous, as well as a look inside at what the park has to offer.

Why Kruger National Park Is So Famous

With all the wildlife that calls Africa home, Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa is home to all the continent's most famous species, including over 12,000 elephants, 27,000 African Buffalo, 2,000 leopards, and 2,800 lions. It's also regarded as the most likely place in the world to see a leopard. This is why Kruger National Park is the most exciting African safari destination.

The legend surrounding this park emanates from species of wildlife, the landscape, and the ease with which travelers can experience them. Those planning a trip to Kruger National Park will have a number of safari options available to them, giving them the chance to experience the park they want. And with the park being home to Africa’s Big Five: Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard, and Buffalo, travelers to the park will leave with incredible memories they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

What To See At Kruger National Park

Home to Africa’s Big Five as well as an impressive excess of fascinating wildlife, Kruger National Park is a must-visit location for those who grew up fascinated by animals. Travelers will have their best chance to see a leopard outside of captivity, as well as a variety of other spectacular sights while on safari here.

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Classic Safari Tours

The Classic Safari Tour options available at Kruger park are about travelers being able to get close to nature and the wilderness while also allowing travelers to live in a manner that captures the essence of safaris in the past. The Classic Safari Tours will not drop travelers off at a luxury resort. Instead, they will help travelers experience the way safaris used to be.

Safari Lodges

For those simply looking to stay at Kruger National Park, there are a variety of private safari lodges. They range from lodges that hold nothing back, providing travelers with the most extravagant, family-accommodating, or romantically intimate retreats to more simple, budget-friendly lodges that are great for young or small group travelers.

Romantic Safaris

Living out a safari romance may seem like something from Hollywood fiction or classic literature, but it is a reality at Kruger National Park. Couples traveling together through the wilderness of Africa while enjoying these sights and wonders together. These safaris combine the close intimacy of nature with modern luxuries, giving lovers and honeymooners alike a chance to partake in spa treatments, champagne baths, or fireside romance while on a safari through Africa.

Premiere Safari Collection

For travelers who want the best of the best from the Kruger Safari Collection, then these Premier Safaris are perfect for them. Travelers or veteran safari goers will be excited to have their refined tastes quenched and their passions fulfilled as they soak up the best of what Kruger National Park has to offer.

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Family Safari Holidays

Kruger National Park is also friendly and welcoming to families. They have a variety of safaris put together that are perfect for sharing with the family. Young kids and fascination with animals go hand in hand, making a family safari trip to Kruger National Park one of the most memorable moments of a child’s life.

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Some of Kruger National Park’s most popular safari packages included an abundance of game viewing opportunities. It is the animals that truly bring travelers to the park, so these safaris really emphasize these options.

Fully Guided Siyabona Africa Safaris

For travelers who enjoy a bit of education while on an adventure, these fully guided tours offered by Kruger National Park are led by an experienced guide who will ensure that travelers understand and know everything there is to know about what they encounter while out on safari.