Although Finland is the neighbor to Norway, this Scandanavian nation doesn't often get as much attention as the fjord-lined, breathtaking landscape of nautical Norway. That's not to say that Finland isn't incredibly special in its own way - with more natural landscapes than any other in Europe, an astounding number of lakes, and a special culture all its own, there's nothing not to love about this country.

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It seems that those who live there feel the same way considering Finland is consistently voted the happiest place on earth to live. Its great benefits for those working there is likely one of those reasons but, overall, the country itself has so much to offer locals and tourists. Visiting Finland is a magical experience and one that won't likely be forgotten, and these reasons are only some of many as to why it's such an incredible destination.

You Can See Santa Claus And The Northern Lights In One Town

The town in question is Lapland and it sits so far north that every year, people make the trip to see the aurora borealis. Also known as the Northern lights, this nighttime light display is a spectacular array of colors that sets the darkness alight with various hues and motions. That's not the only thing to see in Lapland, though - it's also the official, unofficial home of Santa Claus and the North Pole. Visitors come out every year to visit this destination, as well, and to speak to Santa and see his workshop in action.

It's Not Known As The 'Land Of A Thousand Lakes' For No Reason

Believe it or not, there are a total of 187,888 lakes throughout Finland. It might be challenging to picture so many bodies of water in one country but it's true - and that's one of the reasons this country is so undeniably beautiful. This also gives way for plenty of activities and summertime lounging by the lakes, and you can be sure that there is no shortage of them anywhere in the country!

'Everyman's Right' Is The Perfect Unspoken Rule For Nature Lovers

More than 70% of Finland is covered with natural woodland which means that nature lovers will have a tough time not falling in love with its landscape. With so much nature surrounding every major city and town, it's easy enough to find a way to retreat back into the wholesome setting of tranquil woodland. The unspoken rule of 'Everyman's Right' allows people to wander at will through any of Finland's wooded areas, on a trail or not.

A Country Built For Safety And Good Health

Along with being the happiest country in the world (and hopefully by now the 'why' is starting to become obvious!), Finland is also one of the safest countries in the world. People don't hesitate to walk around on their own or at any time of the day or night and, with such a low crime rate, they feel comfortable in doing so.

The Food Is Like No Other In Europe

Finland's food is a nod to its roots but also a nod to all of the natural, readily available ingredients that are found throughout the country. People have access to both the sea and the land which lends itself well to a range of dishes that perfectly display Finland's culture and diversity. Additionally, the country's Scandanavian history comes through in many of the dishes, making them beloved additions to any local restaurant menu.

It's The Best Place To Start (Or Bring) A Family

New parents have access to roughly one year that can be spent at home with their newborn and when a baby is born, the parents are gifted with a box full of items that are helpful during the baby's first few months, from clothing to toys. With so much land to play on and a high safety rating, Finland is also the perfect place for children to grow up, as well as the perfect place for families to visit.

There's Seemingly No End To The Lakeside Cabins Or Private Getaways

With more than one-hundred thousand lakes throughout the country, there's no shortage of cabins or cottages that can be rented, either. This makes for an alluring offer to anyone wishing to visit Finland, as rental companies such as Airbnb make this entirely possible. Rather than staying in a city, at a hotel, travelers might opt for staying at a cabin in the middle of nature instead.

People Drink More Coffee There Than Anywhere In The World

Surprisingly, statistics have shown that the people of Finland drink more coffee there than anywhere else in the world. This makes it a haven for coffee lovers as coffee shops are easily found and travelers always know they can grab a good cup of coffee, anytime, while they're visiting.

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