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The Muhammad Ali Center is no ordinary museum. It is a center of inspiration that draws from the famous boxing and philanthropist. It calls and beckons visitors to self-improvement and to work towards aiding and enabling their fellow man.

Like the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park in Atlanta, Georgia, it shows how one can overcome the injustices of society and work to build a better, more inclusive world. It is a reminder that history is full of injustices and personal struggles but is also full of great people who rise and inspire generations.


Why Muhammad Ali Center Is Important

"Muhammad perhaps raised more money for American charities than any other living person.

Muhammad was the recipient of countless awards."

Ali Center

It has been many decades since Muhammad Ali burst onto the scene at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. Today he remains a very powerful figure - one that is known and loved all around the world.

Muhammad brought speed and grace to the sport of boxing while he changed the perspective of what a champion could be with his charm and wit. President Jimmy Carter even called Muhammad "Mr. International Friendship."

Today his accomplishments have become the stuff of legend. He was active outside the ring as well taking part in humanitarian missions around the world. He visited countless soup kitchens and hospitals and taught children values of tolerance and understanding in his book Healing and in schools across the nation.

  • Awarded: Presidential Medal of Freedom In 2005
  • Died: In 2016 At the Age of 74

Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74 in 2016. Today the Ali Center that he helped to found seeks to further his humanitarian vision and his six core principles.

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The Six Core Principles Of Muhammad Ali

The center is a place that inspires both children and adults alike to create new commitments in their lives with personal growth, integrity, and respect for others.

Six Core Principles:

  • Confidence: The Belief In Oneself and One's Abilities
  • Conviction: The Belief That Gives Courage To Stand By One's Beliefs
  • Dedication: Devoting Of All One's Energy to Given Tasks
  • Giving: Voluntarily Without Expecting Anything In Return
  • Respect: A Sense of The Worth Of Others And Oneself
  • Spirituality: A Connection To All Creation and/or What Is Greater Than Oneself

Holidays and traveling are all too often focused squarely on landmarks and Instagrammable restaurants. But it can also be deeper, motivational, and educational all at the same time.

What To Know About The Muhammad Ali Center

The Muhammad Ali Center is today a non-profit museum and cultural center dedicated to Muhammad Ali. It is located in Louisville in Kentucky (Muhammad was a native of Louisville). He and his wife Lonnie Ali founded the museum in 2005.

  • Founded: By Muhammad and Lonnie Ali
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Address: 144 N. Sixth Street, Louisville, KY
  • Size: 96,750 sq ft (8,988 m2)

The center features an interactive museum, an educational program, and various special events. It strives to inspire people to pursue greatness in their own lives, their communities, and their countries.

The Muhammad Ali center includes an orientation theater that helps to present Ali's life. There is a recreated mock boxing ring based on his Deer Lake Training Camp. In the museum, one will see Ali's boxing memorabilia and his life story.

There are booths where visitors can see clips of Ali's greatest fights as well as pre-and-post-fight interviews. Another exhibit focuses on exploring a sense of self, a sense of others, and a sense of purpose.

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Visiting The Muhammad Ali Center

The Muhammad Ali Center is a must for anyone visiting Louisville and is open from noon to 5.00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

  • Opening Hours: 12.00 Noon to 5.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday
  • Closed: Tuesday

There are also special days that the museum is open on Tuesdays and public holidays (like Xmas, New Year's, etc. where it is closed).

Admission Fees:

  • Adults: $18.00
  • Students: $10.00
  • Kids: Under 5 Go Free

Visitors can book their admission tickets online or in person at the museum.

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