It is every child’s dream to visit Disney World and see their favorite Disney characters while also enjoying the entertainment of a lifetime! Furthermore, places like Disney World make adults reminisce about their childhood and feel like a kid again. The Walt Disney World Resort is a 110-kilometer-squared entertainment complex in Orlando featuring numerous things to see, discover, and enjoy. To find out more about this wonderland, listed below are the ten reasons why Disney World is so magical.

10 Visitors Get To Interact With Disney Characters

Seeing and interacting with their favorite Disney characters in real life is one of the most magical things a child can experience. In addition to parades, live shows, and meet-and-greets, Disney World offers a variety of events for guests to interact with the characters. At the Magic Kingdom Park, visitors can talk with the Disney Princesses. Cinderella, Elena, Tiana, and Rapunzel may be found in the Princess Fairytale Hall, while Merida can be found in the Fairytale Garden, and Ariel can be located in Her Grotto.

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9 Immersive Theme Parks

Theme plays a significant part in what makes Disney World so magical. It immerses guests in a completely different world – one that most people only experience on their screens. Every theme park in Disney World has its own set of worlds that will surely fascinate every visitor and allow them to experience the things they only get to see on big screens. The most popular attraction here is Magic Kingdom Park, which features a magnificent castle that is even more magical at night because of the fireworks display.

8 Thrill Rides

Avatar Flight of Passage, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Crush 'n' Gusher, DINOSAUR, and many more are among the exhilarating experiences available at Disney World. These rides include everything from land to water to air. The rides, however, have a minimum height and age requirement. The Avatar Flight of Passage requires a minimum height of 112cm and is suitable for both children and adults, whereas the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad requires a minimum height of 102cm and is also suitable for both children and adults.

7 Activities For All Ages

There's no need to worry if visitors don't meet the minimum height requirements for other activities like thrilling rides because the majority of things to do in Disney World are accessible for visitors of all ages and have no height limits. The Conservation Station Rafiki's Planet Watch in Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, which includes a Veterinary Treatment Room, Nutrition Center, Amphibian Reptile Invertebrate Windows, and Science Center, is one of the attractions for visitors of all ages. Gangplank Falls, Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Keelhaul Falls, Maharajah Jungle Trek, and many other attractions are available.

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6 The Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

The fantasy parade, in which all of the Disney characters ride their artistically constructed floats, is one of the highlights of a visit to Disney World. This year's parade will take place on March 9, 2022, which will last for 12 minutes and is open to people of all ages. However, before visiting Magic Kingdom Park, tourists should check the entertainment schedule or the hours' guide for a performance schedule. Since the parade is an outdoor event, it may be canceled due to inclement weather.

5 Disney’s BoardWalk

Disney's Boardwalk is a facility with a variety of things to do that is located alongside Crescent Lake and just a short walk from the EPCOT Resort area. It offers excellent cuisine, unique shopping, and exciting nightlife that includes street entertainers. It is mostly a haven for adults, but children are also welcome. However, because parking at the BoardWalk Inn is limited, visitors are strongly advised to use the complimentary Disney Resort shuttle service.

4 Disney World Water Parks

Another feature that makes Disney World so magical is its water parks, which provide a variety of activities. In Disney World, there are two water parks: Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. The Typhoon Lagoon Water Park attractions are currently one of Disney World's most popular sites. With its wave pool, which is the largest in North America, as well as the wide range of excursions including slides, whitewater journeys, and many more, it is undoubtedly a tropical paradise.

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3 EPCOT Resort Area

The EPCOT Resort Area, formerly known as the EPCOT Center or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is a Disney World theme park dedicated to human achievement, new technology, community, and culture. The EPCOT area offers a wide range of activities, entertainment, and amenities for visitors to enjoy. Short films, performances, aquariums, World Discovery, Celebration, and Nature, among other things, can all be found here. Furthermore, visitors will also have a huge chance of meeting their favorite Disney characters here, just like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

2 Shows & Fireworks

Disney World will not be complete and as magical as it is without the fantastic acts ranging from a variety of performances and stage plays that are comparable to Broadway shows. The Festival of the Lion King is one of the most popular stage plays in town; it's a 40-minute spectacle featuring puppetry, singing, and pageantry based on the Disney film "The Lion King." Additionally, the greatest way to end a visit to Disney World is to see one of its fireworks shows, which add to the magic of the theme parks.

1 Hotels And Landscaping

Over 20 themed and well-maintained hotels may be found at Disney World. Even though it is more expensive, it provides more benefits and exclusive offers to Disney World visitors, elevating their stay to a new level by adding more magic to their Disney World experience. The stunning landscapes of Disney World also contribute to the enchanting atmosphere; the vivid flower beds and verdant grass struck every visitor. Additionally, the trees are likewise meticulously groomed and shaped to different Disney characters.

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