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Some people enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of having an expedition to the Arctic or the Antarctic. But imagine the adventure of enjoying the ultimate expedition to both extremes of the earth in one voyage! Grand Expedition Cruises' Pole to Pole Expedition explores the Canadian High Arctic, Greenland, and North America and then passes through the Panama Canal to explore South America and Antarctica.

It is even one of the few expeditions to visit Baffin Island - one of the world's largest (and forgotten) islands. One will see how the Arctic, Antarctic, and Sub-Antarctic may be frozen and yet teaming with life. The cruise calls in a dizzying number of destinations along and around the Americas, plus Greenland and Antarctica, and is a journey no one will forget.


An Expedition Like None Other - See The World

This pole-to-pole epic expedition is offered by Grand Expedition Cruises and spans the entire globe. One will cruise from the frozen north to the frozen south - right across the tropical equator in between. This is a mammoth expedition that discovers the wildlife, ecology, and cultures of 11 countries. The whole expedition takes 94 days (it really is a commitment). Of all the world's oceans, only the Indian Ocean is not part of the route.

  • Countries: 11 Countries
  • Duration: 94 Days
  • Route: The Arctic to Antarctica
  • Ship: MS Roald Amundsen

The expedition is on the MS Roald Amundsen - the world's first hybrid expedition cruise ship. She is named in honor of the first explorer to have successfully reached both of the world's poles.

  • Oceans Visited: Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, (North & South) Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean

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The Itinerary Of The World's Pole To Pole Expedition

The adventure starts in Vancouver, Canada. It then sails north along the Alaskan coast, crossing through the Bering Straight and through the long-fabled Northwest Passage. Going through the High Arctic, the expedition ventures to Greenland and Baffin Island.

After exploring the Arctic, head down the eastern seaboard of America, gradually coming into the warm and tropical waters of the Caribbean; after calling in at a number of destinations in the Caribbean, cross through the Panama Canal, and sail down the west coast of South America.

See the contrast of where one has already been. Contrast the High Arctic with the tropical forests and ancient sites of Ecuador and Peru. Continue down the Chilean coast right down to the stunning Chilean fjords and the world's famously dramatic region of Patagonia.

From there, it's time for the final leg of the expedition. Make one's way to the pristine and unspoiled natural beauty of Antarctica.

This grand expedition cruise blends culture, wildlife, historical attractions, and natural scenery into one package. Passengers will be inspired by the onboard Expedition Team that helps guide and inspire the passengers throughout the journey.

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Booking The Ultimate Pole to Pole Expedition Cruise

Hopefully, everyone has been saving up for this epic cruise - prices start at $57,680 and go up from there. Prospective passengers need to request a quote for accurate pricing.

Now is the time to start planning for the next year, apply early, and get significant discounts. Normally the price starts from $67,682, but the price is offered from $57,680 as of the time of writing (August 2022). The next sailing date is a year away - August 2, 2023. With a trip that's to last three months at sea, one may want to start planning sooner rather than later.

  • Price: From $57,680
  • Next Sailing Date: August 2, 2023

What Is And Is Not Included In The Expedition

The 94-day expedition package includes most of what one will need while onboard. Some of the inclusions are:

  • Hotel: An Overnight Hotel In Vancouver
  • Flight: An Economy Class Flight Between Ushuaia and Buenos Aires
  • Cabin: A Cabin Of One's Choice
  • Meals: In Restaurants Auna and Fredheim (includes House Beer, Wine, Sodas, etc.)
  • Laundry: A Laundry Service
  • Wifi: Onboard Wifi (Some Places May Have Limited Connection
  • Expedition Team: A Team That Organizes Activities and More

There are also plenty of onboard activities. One of the things includes the ship's Science Center with its library and advanced biological and geological microscopes. Other onboard activities include the use of the ship's hot tubs, infinity pool, sauna, gyms, running track, and other facilities.

Boots, trekking poles, a wind and water-resistant expedition jacket, and other equipment are loaned when going ashore.

Things that are not included are international flights, travel insurance, and optional activities. Optional activities include shore excursions with their local partners and treatments in their onboard wellness and spa area.