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Venture into the far north of Norway, and one will find The Arctic Hideaway. It is a unique destination made up of twelve unique buildings that form a remarkable Arctic holiday destination. Here guests breathe in the unpolluted northern air and sleep deeply. While in Norway, travel all the way up to the northernmost point of the country and visit Nordkapp - the northernmost point of Scandinavia.

Norway is famous for being one of the most spectacular countries in Europe (as well as one of the most expensive in the world). Those who would really like to stay in an Arctic hotel - consider staying in the Swedish ice hotels where everything - even the bed, is made of ice.


The Arctic Hideaway - An Arctic Retreat From The World

It is set on the island of Bodø. On that island, there are no cars or shops - it is a break from the world's distractions.

  • Location: Bodø, Norway

The island is tiny - only around 2 kilometers (1.5 miles) long and the highest point is only 49 meters above sea level. It also enjoys stunning views of the Norwegian mainland and other islands like Flugloya, Landegode, Lofoten, and many more mini uninhabited islets.

At The Arctic Hideaway, one will be free from artificial noise. In Norwegian, The Arctic Hideaway is called "Fordypningsrommet," meaning "The Immersion Room." It is meant to be exactly that - a place to immerse oneself in the stunning natural beauty of northern Norway.

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Facilities Of The Arctic Hideaway

The Arctic Hideaway comprises 12 unique and detached buildings (including five sleeping houses). The getaway is perfect for families and groups of friends.

  • Total Buildings: 12 Detached Buildings
  • Sleeping Houses: Five Sleeping Houses

Each of the sleeping houses is different and unique. The beds in each of the rooms are a mix of doubles and singles of varying sizes. The fifth sleeping house (called the Njalla) is their iconic tower house that can be configured as a double bedroom, a sitting room, or a workroom.

The other buildings include:

  • A Kitchen
  • A Building For Indoor/Outdoor Dining
  • A Living Room
  • A Bath House
  • A Wood-Fired Sauna
  • A Dressing Room

The living room has large windows that face the sea - the doors are also glass and open onto the deck.

What To See And Do

The Arctic Hideaway is called a hideaway for a good reason; it is far removed from the many distractions of life. The activities there are also very much slow-paced.

It is possible to take trips around the stunning archipelago. One of the pastimes is collecting mussels - the mussels include heart mussels, elbow mussels, and scallops - bring them back for the freshest of seafood pasta.

For those looking for something a bit more active, they can also arrange for a guide to help climb Sandhornet peak. It rises to almost 1,000 meters or 3,300 feet and offers sweeping views of Norway's Nordland region.

Boat trips can be organized to go to the crazy beaches in Gildeskål and the flying sandhills of Nord-Fugløy.

Activities At The Hideaway:

  • Mussel Collecting
  • Climbing Sandhornet
  • Boat Trips
  • Exploring The Island

Otherwise, activities are more laid back and peaceful. Stroll along the beaches, explore the whole island (it's only 2km long), cycle the island, or soak and relax in the Hideaway sauna.

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Planning One's Visit To The Arctic Hideaway

To get to the island, visitors need to take a ferry. Contact the Hideaway, and they will assist with transfers and will advise guests about the fast-boat ferries to the island.

The Hideaway includes all three meals. It has a breakfast buffet (between 9.00 am and 10.00 am). Lunch is served at 2.00 pm, and dinner is at 7.00 pm. The weather decides if the lunch will be served hot or cold. Dinner is focused on seafood fresh from Norway's North Atlantic Ocean.

There is also a selection of wine and beers for sale at the Arctic Hideaway.

  • Minimum Stay: 2 Weeks (More Recommended)
  • Occupancy: 10 People
  • Price: $283 Per Night (One Room For Two)

The whole compound can also be rented out. Visitors can make a booking request on their website or book individual rooms on Airbnb.