Japan remains a top destination for curious travelers and excited tourists. This Asian country has a rich history, vibrant culture, and incredible cuisine travelers are interested in exploring and learning about. Japan is a country that’s suitable for all kinds of travelers, from the adventurous solo traveler to the romantic honeymooners. Though there are many fascinating things to explore while traveling, a few things can’t be seen anywhere but in Japan. One example is their popular capsule hotels!

Known for their convenience and novelty, capsule hotels captured the hearts of budget-friendly and adventurous tourists. Today, they remain one of the more popular accommodations for tourists visiting Japan. Check out why a capsule hotel is a must when visiting the Land of the Rising Sun!

10 They Are Affordable!

Though it’s possible to travel on a budget, Japan is not the most frugal-friendly destination, so every penny counts! Luckily, travelers can save some money while booking their stay at a capsule hotel. For example, The Millennials Kyoto costs about 3576¥ (or approximately 26.60 USD) per night. Meanwhile, Anshin-Oyado Tokyo Shinbashi Shiodome will set travelers back about 11570¥ (or approximately 86 USD) per night. Remember that though prices may vary depending on the month (and year), many capsule hotels are typically more affordable than traditional hotels or stays.

9 Check-In Is 24 Hours!

One pain with hotel stays is their check-in times, which can sometimes clash with a traveler’s arrival at a destination. Luckily, many capsule hotels understand this frustration and provide 24-hour check-in services! So travelers who arrive in Japan early in the morning don’t have to loiter at the airport anymore, so long as they have a reservation booked at a capsule hotel.

NOTE: While some capsule hotels offer 24-hour check-in services, other capsule hotels have check-in and check-out times similar to traditional hotels. It’s essential to research the capsule hotel beforehand to understand their check-in and check-out policies. Some may require an additional fee (or advanced notice) for times that fall outside their policy.

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8 Capsule Hotels Are Extremely Clean

Budget travel is these days, so it’s common to encounter travelers coming in and out of capsule hotels (especially during Japan’s peak tourist seasons). Despite the business, many capsule hotels are known to keep things clean, especially their washrooms, change rooms, and of course, the pods themselves! Hotels like The Millennials Kyoto have travelers raving about their cleanliness, especially within the pods.

7 They Can Be Spacious

Some travelers may think of capsules as cramped. However, many capsule hotels in Japan offer cozy, functional, and spacious bunks! Some capsule hotels will even provide extra amenities within the pod, including a television set. Though there isn’t enough room to fit an individual shower or bathroom (they’re a shared amenity), the typical dimensions of a capsule are 1.2m x 2m x 1m (or about 4ft x 6.5ft x 3.3ft).

6 Some Double As A Spa

Ready to relax after a long day exploring the streets of Japan’s most bustling cities? Tired travelers can find comfort in spa services offered at select capsule hotels like Tokyo’s Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Shiodome or Capsule And Sauna Oriental. These hotels include spa amenities like a bathhouse and sauna. First, travelers must check out Japan’s best onsens, but until then, a cozy bathhouse is the second-best option!

5 There Are Female-Only Capsules

Female travelers who wish can opt to stay in a female-only capsule hotel, especially in bustling cities like Tokyo. For example, the Nine Hours capsule hotel by Tokyo Station offers an elegant pod in a clean space for female travelers. Moreover, some capsule hotels may separate the pods by gender on each floor. Several couples-only capsule hotels also ensure a romantic (yet budget-friendly) stay!

4 Capsule Hotels Are Perfect For Short Stays

Capsule hotels were made with the traveler or busy-bee in mind. Capsule hotels are popular among business professionals or commuters who miss their train ride home. They’re also a great place to crash for a couple of hours between cities, so travelers don’t have to shell out tons of money for comfortable accommodation. Because of their affordability, some travelers may even be interested in renting a capsule for a week (or even a month).

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3 It’s Easy To Meet Other Travelers

Hotel rooms (or AirBnB stays) remain popular accommodations while traveling due to the comforts they provide, but arrangements like a capsule hotel still have their perks. For example, many hotels arrange pods near one another, so it’s easier to make friends and acquaint yourself with fellow pod-mates than staying at a hotel. That’s why capsule hotels seem like a great choice for solo travelers or those looking to make new travel companions.

2 Capsules Still Offer Privacy

With shared amenities like washrooms and showers, some travelers may be wary of privacy while staying at a capsule hotel. The truth is that capsule hotels feature walls on all three sides and shutters for some privacy at night. Although there may be some moments in some hotels where the walls are thin enough to hear one’s pod neighbor (thunderous snoring), this is not a cause for concern for travelers who happen to be heavy sleepers.

1 They Are Near Tourist Attractions And Train Stations

Because capsule hotels are intended for short-term, convenient stays, it’s common to encounter a hotel near a train station or near major tourist attractions. Time is money while traveling, so a capsule hotel is a perfect choice for travelers who want to see as much of the city as possible in a limited amount of time. Plus, it may be easier for travelers to find their way back to their temporary home while exploring the city since they know their capsule hotel is beside a train station!