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The Covid-19 pandemic led to restrictions on international travel, meaning Americans could not book vacations outside their territories. It is during that time that people developed taste for domestic tourism.

America has multiple tourist destinations under its name. From California to the East Coast, there are many options for domestic tourists to explore. However, none of all these beats the convenience of Astoria, the westernmost city in the state of Oregon. From its rich history and beautiful views to the availability of multiple cuisines, Astoria is indeed the perfect first Oregon trip for any traveler.


Astoria’s Rich History

The history of a place can either break it or make it. Astoria is among the few American cities that benefit from its vast history. The town’s development is credited to Lewis and Clark who were winter explorers that camped there from 1805 to 1806. The camp was later named Fort Clatsop, and that’s where the whole Astoria story began.

What was it that the two gentlemen were exploring that culminated in the development of a town? Understanding the logic behind their movement is part of the reasons why every first-timer needs to visit Astoria.

Astoria is the perfect gateway to Oregon’s history. Part of the history that introduces first-timers to the Oregon culture is the intrigues behind the fur trade of the 1800s. Most American cities experienced some push and pull between the locals and the colonizers. Astoria was the direct opposite whereby the British and Americans existed without any conflicts.

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The port in Astoria is a huge part of its history. It is the port that led to the success of many trade activities. Besides, Astoria’s strategic positioning played a big part in its success as a port. With two water bodies within its reach, sailors eventually found a spot to suit their trading needs. When vacationers understand such history, they have enough background information on the area they are touring. Tourist sites such as the Flavel House Museum also represent the history of Astoria and the vast Oregon area.

Presence Of Top-Rated Attraction Sites

Astoria has a long legacy that dates back to the pre-colonial days. The vibrant nature of this city largely depends on the presence of the following tourist attractions:

  • Astoria Riverfront: The Astoria Riverfront is a great way to start one’s Oregon adventure. Stretching three miles adjacent to the Columbus River, this riverfront is a pedestrian pathway connecting other attractions and hotels along the river. First-timers are encouraged to trek along the three-mile stretch for better views of the Astoria neighborhood.
  • Astoria Colum: Approximately 125 feet high, the Astoria Column is a 1926 landmark whose presence is a huge boost for tourists in the area. The column has a winding path with over 160 steps. That stretch alone is enough to prepare vacationers for an eventful Astorian experience. Those who get to the top are also treated to better views of the entire Astoria neighborhood through the eye of a telescope.

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  • Fort Stevens State Park: Fort Stevens is a state park located in the northwestern part of Oregon. This park has a huge history that dates back from the Civil War to World War II. The fort played a crucial role in the defense of American territories. Today, the park is used as a hiking trail, something no Astoria Vacationer should miss.
  • The Oregon Film Museum: This museum was designed to appreciate movies made within the state. The facility is open every day and showcases kid-friendly content, making it a darling for all Astoria vacationers.

Astoria’s Multiple Cuisines And Restaurants

Another important reason why Astoria is the perfect first Oregon trip for any traveler is the food and hotels in the region. Food plays a key part in an adventurer’s experience. The presence of a wide variety of cuisines allows travelers to sample what different cultures have to offer. Restaurants worth sampling by every Astoria vacationer include Ship Out Fish & Chips, Portway, Buoy Beer Company, The Knot Bar, and many more.

Astoria is the absolute gateway to Oregon. From its huge history to the multiple attraction sites available, Oregon offers the perfect introduction to Oregon first-timers. The Astoria experience alone is enough for a worthwhile adventure.