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Arusha might not be the Capital of Tanzania as a country but is a capital. Globally recognized as the Safari Capital of the World, Arusha is a completely different African city, boasting modern architecture. The lifestyle in Arusha is more European than Tanzanian, with splendid weather year-round; mostly cool and dry. Tourism is the backbone of Arusha's economy, with most of the country’s pack boards seated within or near the city – no wonder it is known as the World’s Safari Capital. Some of Africa’s most spectacular National Parks are situated near the urban center; Arusha is the gateway to itineraries to the wildest Africa.


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Arusha Is Located Near the Northern Safari Circuit

Tanzania hosts numerous iconic African safari destinations, including Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro, and the Ngorongoro Crater. More of these are the Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara. All of these make it the world's greatest safari destination, and Arusha is the binding of this famous safari circuit of Tanzania. To get to these parks, one only covers a short driving distance. There are only a few places in the world surrounded by such worldly-recognized National Parks! When on a Tanzanian safari, it's so obvious that one will spend a night in the city, either before visiting their safari destinations or on their way back. The good news about spending a night in Arusha? There is a wide range of accommodation options to consider, and they will complement every traveler's safari vacation. Visitors shouldn't worry about their budget because there are plenty of budget-friendly options as well.

Kilimanjaro Airport Is The Gateway For Some International Carriers Into the Country And Is Just A Short Distance From Arusha

Whenever travelers visit Tanzania, all eyes are on its spectacular wildlife and gorgeous natural scenery. Kilimanjaro International Airport is the access point for tourists looking to explore African safari. It is located amidst the most iconic tourist attractions in East Africa, including Africa's highest peak and the greatest northern Tanzania's national parks. It takes just about 30 minutes to get to the airport from Arusha, located on Mount Meru's slopes and very close to Arusha National Park – and is the major base for safaris to Africa's Natural Wonders, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti National Park. From this airport, travelers may head to spend their night in Arusha or even book a hotel there to stay during their entire visit. Visitors flying into Kilimanjaro International Airport have the incredible opportunity of getting a glimpse of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

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About 15 Airlines Connect Arusha To Other Destinations Around The World

Over 397 nonstop flights get to Arusha every week, and tourists can choose some of them as they have a Tanzanian safari experience. Travelers should have their bookings to Arusha done earlier, especially during the peak travel seasons. It is important to conduct research online before booking flights to see how different airlines compare prices. Comparing also allows travelers to see their destination has more than one airport. About 7 kilometers from Arusha Town is Arusha airport, which only operates 12 hours a day, and not during the night. Arusha airport offers both domestic transport services, and charter flight traffic for Safaris.

Where To Explore In Arusha?

The Local Market Located At the Center Of the City

Of course, when travelers think of markets, they almost know it’s going to be a boring place. Little did they know that these sub-Saharan African markets are nothing like the ones they’ve seen before. When one gets to the local market, they will encounter a paradise full of colors and scents! It's nothing like those markets in the Netherlands. Learning some few Tanzania words might just be what one needs after a long day of the tour. Coming to this market in the evening after an all-day tour would be great, thanks to the photogenic nature of the place. All the impressions this market brings can surely overwhelm you!

The Sapuk Waterfall

While Arusha is used as a transit point to explore all the stunning nature and wildlife near the border of Kenya and Tanzania, the city is actually more than a transit. It’s a shame that Arusha’s own nature is always skipped. Sapuk is known to just a handful of travelers. This means that visitors who decide to explore this waterfall will be there almost by themselves. A motorcycle from the town of Arusha will get one there in no time!

Where Is Arusha Located?

Lying on the edge of the Great Rift Valley's eastern branch, Arusha is situated on Mount Meru's southern slopes and boasts two magnificent mountains dominating its beautiful scenery. Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, and M.t Meru standing at 14,990 ft can be summitted in a few days. Both mountains are dormant volcanoes and offer an incredible chance for a swift hiker to reach the "Roof of Africa," and enjoy the spectacular view of the most iconic safari destinations in East Africa.

It is not difficult to understand why Arusha is the Safari Capital of the World, considering all the beautiful National Parks, and incredible East African destinations, and being the gateway for exploring these attractions.