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Andros Island is a less-explored travel gem in The Bahamas and a coastal paradise with a population of fewer than 8000 people. At 104 miles in length and 40 miles in width, the scenic Andros is The Bahama's largest island. It has three major islands North and South Andros and Mangrove Cay laden. Visitors to Andros islands enjoy mouth-watering Caribbean and seafood cuisines served by affable vendors that operate the food outlets. Andros Island also has festivities and fun activities within the island, or in the Atlantic Ocean's pristine blue waters for visitors. These include:


The Crab Festival

The Andros Crab Festival has been held annually on the second weekend of June since 1997. The festival's aim is to boost the island's economy by attracting local and international tourists to catch crabs. It celebrates the highly successful crab-catching ways of the Andros Island locals. Thousands of visitors at the Andros Crab Festival also get to enjoy the island's tasty crab dishes like crab and rice, crab and dough plus crab soup. The festival's highlights include a crab cultural show, crabs cooked in 101 ways, crab release, a crab culinary contest, and a display of Andros crab's lifecycle. At the festival, there is plenty of entertainment including the uniquely Bahamian Rake and Scrape music. The Andros Crab Festival is held at Queen's Park in Fresh Creek in Central Andros.


  • Adults $10
  • Children $5 (5 years and above)

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Tour Androsia Hand Made Batik Factory

The Androsia Hand Made Batik factory near Andros Lighthouse has since 1973 created unique, hand-made colorful Bahamian textiles to showcase and celebrate the island's rich heritage. The brightly colored cotton garments are hand-dyed with designs and motifs inspired by the Bahama's culture and environmental elements. Visitors to the factory get batik lessons after booking them in advance and get tours and watch the artisans wax, cut, and dye the garments. From Monday to Friday self-guided tours are available from 8 am to 4 pm. Visitors can also buy the garments at the factory or online at their website or throughout the Bahamas.

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Visit Blue Holes National Park

Andros has the world's highest concentration of blue holes. The 40,000-acre Blue Holes National Park established in 2002 preserves 22 blue holes plus the coppice and pine forests. Park visitors can go birding, boardwalk, camp, or explore the lush nature trails by hiking. Blue Holes National Park's main attraction is Captain Bill's Blue Hole which is 100 feet in depth. At this blue hole, thrill-seeking visitors go and take a "leap of faith" and dive into its waters. Non-diving visitors can explore the blue hole using a staircase that descends into the water and has floating devices and a dock for safety reasons. Entry to Blue Holes National Park is free.

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Aquatic Recreation

At Andros Island's clear blue Atlantic Ocean waters, visitors can go kayaking, diving paddleboarding, wakeboarding, water-skiing, snorkeling, fishing, or boating. Service providers at Andros Island hire out water recreation activities equipment. They also train unskilled visitors on various water recreation activities and guide them around the Andros Island waterways. Some service providers in Andros Islands like Andros Diving offer recreational excursions around the Atlantic. Costs depend on a service provider and can range from $100 per person for snorkeling, up to $800 for fishing trips daily for two people.

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West Side National Park

The scenic1.5 million acres West Side National Park is among the largest marine protected areas in the Western Atlantic. This natural paradise with lush and dense mangroves and pines is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean waters. West Side National Park is also a refuge for protected wildlife like the West Indian flamingo, Andros rock iguana, smalltooth sawfish, sea turtles, and Atala hairstreak butterfly that visitors get to see. Tarpon fish and bonefish species that are vital to the local fishing economy breed in nurseries here. Spiny lobster, land crab, scale fish, and sponges are also fished here. West Side National Park is accessed using a boat.

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Crab Replenishment Reserve

The 4,000-acre Crab Replenishment Reserve was established in 2002 as a habitat to reproduce white and black land crabs. Boosting their numbers ensures the crab consumption demands in the Bahamas are catered for. Tours to the reserve are booked by contacting Andros Conservation and Trust at ancatoffice@gmail.com or by calling +1-242-368-2882.

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Wine and Dine

Like other food joints and restaurants in the Bahamas, Andros Island offers visitors a great wining and dining plus snacking experience. Some food joints and restaurants that serve Bahamian dishes and other cuisines in Andros Island include:

  • Beneby's Bayside Motel and Ice Cream Parlor: This is located in North Andros and serves different ice cream flavors and breakfast.
  • Buzzard and Besty Bay Restaurant and Bar: Located in Mastic Point Settlement it serves dishes like rice, chicken, fish potatoes, fries, and fast foods like burgers and seafood like conch and crabs. The bar also has drinks for tipple lovers.
  • The Great House: This restaurant at Kamalame Cay serves seafood, juices, eggs, tea, and coffee. It has a diverse menu of other foods and a variety of wines are also available.
  • Reefside Restaurant and Bar: This restaurant and bar is in Swain Cay Lodge and serves pure and fresh home-cooked Bahamian cuisine plus snacks. It is open for breakfast from 7:15 am to 10 pm and lunch from 12 pm to 2 pm while dinner starts from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  • Love at First Site Restaurant: This hotel serves diverse seafood dishes and fish like snapper, conch, and lobster, all freshly caught. It is located on Stafford Creek in North Andros.