From Perth to Cairns and from Darwin to Melbourne, Australia - one of the largest countries in the world - is home to ancient traditions, mesmerizing landscapes, and unique biodiversity.

That said, many travelers have one plan - to enjoy Australia's East Coast and its magnificent sites to the fullest. The corals and white sands of the Whitsundays, Queensland, in particular, are like a magnet for tourists, nature lovers, and divers. In fact, these tropical islands are among the most popular Great Barrier Reef destinations.

The iconic Whitehaven Beach is one of the must-see places there. The famous Whitehaven Beach attracts travelers with its turquoise water, brilliant white sand, and diverse sea life.

Yet, no trip to the land Down Under is complete without a visit to Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. So, here's how to get from Whitehaven Beach to Sydney, and all the amazing stops worth making along the way.

10 Take A Boat To Hamilton Island, The Largest Inhabited Island Of The Whitsunday Archipelago

While the famous Whitehaven Beach is one of the most mesmerizing sites in eastern Australia, we shouldn't forget that Hamilton Island, the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday archipelago, is also worth visiting. As a matter of fact, day trips between Hamilton Island and Whitehaven Beach are quite popular. There are also ferries that leave from Hamilton Island Marine to Airlie Beach, as per Direct Ferries, which is the cheapest way to get to mainland Australia.

9 Take A Boat Ride Or A Seaplane To Heron Island, A World Heritage Site

One of the most scenic places in Australia is Heron Island, a real scuba diving and snorkeling paradise. Though getting from Airlie Beach to Heron Island can be exhausting, the trip is totally worth it. The nearest city to Heron Island is Gladstone, as reported by Heron Island; from Gladstone, one can take a boat ride or a seaplane to reach the island. Note that a one-way ferry ticket costs around $75.

8 Go To Hervey Bay, The Whale Watching Capital Of The World, And Visit Fraser Island, The World's Largest Sand Island

If you choose to drive down to Sydney, then do not hesitate and visit Hervey Bay, the whale-watching capital of the world. According to Australian Explorer, the best time to go whale watching is during the whale migrations (from July to November). When in Hervey Bay, book a trip to Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island. One of the main landmarks there is the mysterious Maheno shipwreck; interestingly, Maheno was used as a WWI hospital ship.

7 Drive To Brisbane And Indulge In Shopping And Joy

Driving from Hervey Bay to Brisbane, the capital of Australia's Sunshine State, is a joyful experience. On top of that, you can make a stop at the family-friendly Great Sandy National Park, one of the most wonderful camping grounds on the East Coast. The cosmopolitan city of Brisbane offers numerous delicious treats, fancy boutiques, and party spots. Did you know that the thrilling SkyPoint Climb of Gold Coast, the highest external building climb in Australia, is only 50 miles from Brisbane?

6 Get A Bus From Brisbane To Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Brisbane is a lively paradise for adventurers and animal lovers. Only eight miles from Brisbane City, the popular Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary offers visitors the unique opportunity to meet koalas and kangaroos. Funnily enough, koala bears are not bears but marsupials. According to Rome2Rio, the best way to travel between Brisbane and Lone Pine is by train, which usually costs around $5.

5 Get A Train From Brisbane And Enjoy Byron Bay And Its Lively Vibes

One of the most comfortable ways to explore the beauty of Australia is by train. Thus, do not hesitate and take a train from Brisbane, Queensland to Byron Bay, New South Wales. Byron Bay is only 100 miles south of Brisbane. According to Nomads World, Byron Bay is a popular destination for backpackers and surfers. One of the must-see sites there is the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse.

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4 Coffs Harbor Is Worth Checking Out, Just 150 Miles Down The Coast From Byron Bay

Half-way between Brisbane and Sydney, and only 150 miles down the coast from Byron Bay, the charming city of Coffs Harbour is a convenient stop that attracts nature lovers and party-goers alike. The best way to get from Byron Bay to Coffs Harbour is by car or bus. The Pacific Highway is the most direct route, as per Travel Online, while bus journeys take around three hours, with prices ranging between $30 and $70.

3 Explore The Romantic Hunter Valley, Australia's Oldest Wine Region

Though Australia’s coastline is mesmerizing, we should agree there is more to Australia than white beaches and surfing spots. The romantic Hunter Valley - Australia’s oldest wine producer, for example, is a wonderful place for wine lovers. Hot air balloon rides over the stunning Hunter Valley are also popular. The distance between Coffs Harbour and Hunter Valley is around 240 miles; according to Rome2Rio, the quickest way to reach this beautiful place is by car.

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2 Getting To The Blue Mountains - One Of The Most Spectacular Regions In Australia - Is Easy

Another beautiful region in Australia is the magical Blue Mountains. Getting to the Blue Mountains from Sydney is easy. According to Visit New South Wales, tourists can travel by car, bus,Orange or train. As there are different roads to access the park, there are no designated entry points and no entry fees. One of the must-see rock formations there is the Three Sisters, near the town of Katoomba.

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1 Take A Detour And Visit Warrumbungle National Park, The Only Dark Sky Park In Australia

One of the most unique places in New South Wales, Australia is the fascinating Warrumbungle National Park. The best way to reach this magical place, the only dark sky park in Australia, is by car. Note that some of the nearest towns include Baradine, Gilgandra, and Tooraweenah. Formed by an ancient volcano, the park offers unique landscapes and biodiversity. So, do not hesitate to take a detour before you end your Australian adventure in Sydney.

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