Excerpt: Put on your cowboy boots and climb up to the White Limozeen rooftop bar on Graduate Nashville Hotel: a Dolly Parton wonderland.

Imagine a bar that has it all: Grand rooftop views, fuchsia crushed velvet seats, diamond chandeliers, tassels, and pink, pink everywhere! On chairs, ceiling, parasols, cocktails, and in a giant baby pink chicken wire bust of Country legend, Dolly Parton. Is there a place on earth that could possibly be so amazingly, deliciously extra?

Why, yes! Such a place does indeed exist, and it's the Dolly Parton-inspired dream bar White Limozeen, at the Graduate Hotel in Nashville! Fans of this icon of country music, or simply Nashville travelers who love to experience unique locations will fall head over heels with the pink and fringe beauty of White Limozeen and the quirky accommodations of Graduate Nashville.


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Dolly Parton inspired unique bar experience

How can one even begin to describe Dolly Parton? Whether she’s writing timeless country bangers, stealing the scene on underrated movies across generations, or funding scientific research and children’s education initiatives, Dolly Parton is iconic in every sense of the word.

It makes sense then, that a whole bar inspired by this musical legend would (or at the very least, should) be nothing short of jaw-dropping amazing, and this one sure delivers on that.

White Limozeen bar sits atop the rooftop of Graduate Nashville Hotel, which is named after Dolly Parton’s beloved 1989 song and album of the same name. Visitors that are among the thousands and thousands of people that have a special relationship to White Limozeen (the album), - like an amazing girls party soundtrack or maybe the feeling of riding a white limo on the way to prom, or rising as a humble singer from Tennessee to worldwide star - now have a themed rooftop bar decked out in Dolly glory to make new memories in.

Putting the (over-the) top in rooftop, White Limozeen is a bar that “shouts from the rooftops”, somewhere developer Marc Rose saw as a place to combine a bold opulence with fun approachability - much like Dolly Parton herself.

A larger-than-life Dolly Parton wall greets visitors at the White Limozeen bar before they can step into this rooftop Parton-land. A loud yet cozy indoor space is dotted with pink velvet and pink checkered, and potted plants, in front of a wall of framed icons of music. A pale pink detailed ceiling and a glorious crystal chandelier frame a half-moon bar, giving the whole room an edge of classiness balancing out the cozy living room feeling it evokes.

Outside, a wading pool is surrounded by floral lounge chairs and sofas, pink parasols with tassels, and the already famous Dolly Parton pink chicken wire bust looking into the terrace, perfect for photos, while the beautiful Nashville skyline is seen from all sides.

White Limozeen is a place to have a good time, in every way. In the words of Rose, in an interview to USA Today: "We wanted [..] everyone to have a good time, whether you're drinking a can of Natty Light, or you're ordering caviar. And if you order that caviar, we expect you to spill it on your shirt because you're having such a good time."

The Graduate Hotels style

White Limozeen and Graduate Nashville are projects of Graduate Hotels, a hotel chain that seeks to provide experiences unlike any other. Their hotels are sprinkled across college towns all over the country, creating one-of-a-kind, site-specific, bold and memorable hotels, playing with nostalgia, homage, and attempting to capture the unique coolness of universities and college towns.

It’s safe to say they achieved their goal. Nashville’s Graduate Hotel is a love letter to Vanderbilt University and to many locally beloved country music icons, its rooms featuring flowery canopy beds and large paintings of music legends, including Dolly Parton herself, are the main focal point of the hotel rooms.

White Limozeen rooftop bar is almost a literal cherry in this hotel sundae, and it impresses just as much as it was intended to.

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Visiting White Limozeen in Nashville

The fabulous space of White Limozeen rooftop bar faced many obstacles in order to open to the public; Graduate Nashville opened its doors in January 2020, and the initial launch of White Limozeen was set for March, but devastating tornadoes in Nashville and then the pandemic shutdowns delayed its inauguration till July 2020.

Despite that, the hotel and bar opened and are prepared to welcome guests safely ( and fabulously!) for the foreseeable future, including The Governor's Pool at the restaurant, but strictly under reservation.

Table reservations are not required but are strongly recommended. After 7 PM the bar is 21+. Bookings can be made through the website. 

  • Location: 101 20th Ave N, Nashville
  • Bar hours: Monday through Friday, 3 PM - 12 AM, Saturdays and Sundays, 10 AM - 12 AM
  • Pool hours: Monday through Sunday, 9 AM - 12 AM, 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM, and 4 PM - 7 PM

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