Obviously Montana is a beautiful state in the U.S. but if you love hard seltzer’s like White Claw, good luck finding any there. The state is going through what some are calling a mini-crisis, especially in the town of Bozeman.

The summer drink that seems to be all the rage this year isn’t just for beach lovers and warm tropical climates. At least not according to a study that suggests the heaviest consumers of hard seltzer’s like White Claw and Bon Viv are drinkers who live in the state of Montana.


Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, White Claw's popularity is causing a nationwide shortage and the state of Montana seems to have a hankering for soda water and alcohol, so much so there is a shortage and retailers are selling out quicker than they can restock their shelves.

Drinkers of the immensely popular new fad drink are coming out in herds in Montana where the statistics of Square sales suggest residents of Montana drink brands like White Claw more than twice as much as any other state. Jasper Webb, a bar manager at White Front Bar in Philipsburg, Montana said, “We put White Claw on our shelves about a year ago, last July, and we cannot keep it in stock.” In the 13 years she’s been there, Webb says she’s never seen a drink sell as fast as White Claw does.

White Claw Isn’t Just For Beach Lovers

While you might not think people would be planning a trip to Montana that includes relaxing and drinking a ton of the Uber-healthy alcoholic beverage, the fact that Montana is the biggest consumer of drinks like White Claw suggests something for travelers heading through the U.S. Do not to assume it’s a beverage only for the sandy beaches of California, or that you can get it anywhere.

Travelers should be prepared to see shortages of these drinks no matter where they travel and the best plan would be to know where you’re going to get your White Claws Fox before you go. At the very least, take some with you if you’re heading to the Midwest and need a fix.

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