Any city that claims to be the waterpark capital of the world had better deliver on its waterparks - and Wisconsin Dells certainly fulfills that promise. Not only is the area around each water park perfect for outdoor exploration but its waterparks offer a different kind of splish-splashy fun. Regardless of what the weather looks like outside, Wisconsin Dells is home to the best resort waterparks in the world. That means if it's raining and storming outside, guests don't need to have a care in the world because they've got the country's best indoor water rides at their disposal.


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If you thought that a vacation to Wisconsin would be devoid of fun and lacking in thrills, think again. These resorts will have you changing your mind and wondering if an indoor waterpark is exactly what you need to start off summer with a bang... Or a splash!

Wilderness Resort

There's plenty of space to spread out at the Wilderness Resort. This resort spans over a distance of 600 acres which is more than enough for all the guests it sees each year, and then some. It would also be incorrect to call this a waterpark; Wilderness Resort is actually a collection of eight waterparks, four indoor and four outdoor. Combined, this has grown into a waterpark that spans half a million square feet - and just when you thought your family would be confined to one waterpark.

There's plenty to see and do here outside of the waterparks, including mini-golf, a ropes course, rock climbing, arcade, and even escape rooms. The resort even has kid-specific activities such as painting and crafts, such as pottery, which means there will probably be too much to choose from! This resort is also the only of its kind to offer horse-drawn carriage rides, which is a unique experience that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Let's get back to the waterparks, though, because Wilderness Resort is slaying the game in more ways than one, including being home to the country's biggest indoor wave pool. A giant glass dome over the building in which it's housed makes it feel as though guests are outdoors without the threat of Mother Nature (literally) raining on their fun. These parks also pave the way for slideboarding, floating along on the lazy river, bumper boats, raft rides, whirlpools, and even a swim-up bar for adults looking for some extra 'me' time.

American Resort & Treehouses

If renting a treehouse cabin has been a dream then American Resort & Treehouses is the place to go. This resort offers that and so much more including lodges, tiny houses, traditional cabins, and rustic camping. With a guest limit of up to four people, enjoying the resort from a treetop perspective has never been easier - not to mention the access to this resort's awesome waterpark.

Some of the resort's waterpark features are fairly new, with the lagoon being the latest installment as of 2019. This body of water is chemical-free (the first of its kind in the area, according to Family Vacation Critic. Additionally, this lagoon features a stone grotto, a lazy stream, and even a waterfall. Guests can also choose from two indoor pools or three whirlwind pools, all of which are sheltered from the elements.

Of course, there's always more, especially when you're talking about waterpark resorts that are considered some of the best in the world. Guests get free tickets to the resort's other parks, Noah's Ark Waterpark and Timbavati Wildlife Park. Each of these parks offers enough activities to fill a whole day and then some, and you'll probably need to come back multiple times just to appreciate it all.

Kalahari Resort Wisconsin Dells

Not only is Kalahari Resort home to lakeside villas but it also features the largest indoor waterpark in the country. Guests will never need to worry about the temperature being just right to enjoy this expansive water wonderland because inside, the temp is kept at a constant 84 degrees. There's plenty to do here and it's not just limited to one specific park; Kalahari Resort has four dedicated waterparks to explore. The resort, as a whole, sports an African theme which makes everything feel a bit more adventurous and fun. Bodyboarding, lazy river floating, surfing, whirlpo0ls, and water sports are all part of this park's activities.

However, guests will also be treated to rides you wouldn't typically find at an indoor waterpark such as the MasterBlaster water coaster or the Screaming Hyena waterslide. The fun continues outdoors as guests explore raft rides, flumes, funnels, and slalom waterslides. If you're not feeling the waterpark one day, head over to Tom Foolery Adventure Park, which truly lives up to its name. Virtual adventures, rock climbing, ropes courses, mini-golf, bowling, and even spa services are available here.

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