A good sandwich has the capability to make anything better, including a bad day. It's pretty amazing how deli meat, cheese, vegetables, and a condiment (or several) can be so magical when combined together between two slices of bread, or, in this case, a sub roll. Whether you call it a hoagie, submarine sandwich, or a hero where you live, there's no denying that these double-sized sandwiches are something worth craving.

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While Subway may have the lead as one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sandwich chains in the country, there are many other chains that can compete and would even be considered better. With that being said, there are also some that, well... are just okay. Each chain has been ranked based on the quality of its ingredients, the freshness of its sandwiches, and the variety of options it offers. Just because a sandwich shop provides custom options doesn't mean it's the best, so, which one actually is? Grab some napkins and let's find out.

Jersey Mike's

While many believe that Subway is the best chain in terms of flavor, they're actually pretty low on the list when it comes to the freshness and flavors that Jersey Mike's is adding to each sub. Similar to Subway, the bread used at Jersey Mike's is always baked fresh, but the meats and cheeses at this chain are sliced fresh for each sandwich. The fresh factor doesn't just stop there, though - Jersey Mike's is also cooking their own roast beef and making their signature sauce with a secret oil blend and vinegar.

Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs is expanding its locations and the signature move for this sandwich shop is using the highest-quality meats and cheeses possible. Firehouse Subs also has a top-secret recipe for bread which is part of why their sandwiches always taste so fresh and delicious. Another unique thing this chain does that sets their subs apart is steaming all meats before they go on that signature bread - it adds a tenderness that's unbeatable.

Jimmy John's

The great thing about Jimmy John's is that customers can get actual sandwiches on regular bread along with subs. The other benefit of this chain is the speed behind the actual creation of the sandwich, making them one of the faster sandwich chains out there. While the sandwiches are good, it's the toppings that really push them over the edge of flavor falls. These might not be the best in the country but they are pretty dang good.

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The beauty of Potbelly is the distribution of the sandwich ingredients from meats to vegetables. These sandwiches are uniform throughout which ensures maximum flavor and great flavor, and while the bread at Potbelly does leave something to be desired, the ingredient setup just about makes up for that. The flavors of each of the chain's sandwiches are delicious and all around, it's just a really great menu.


When Quizno's first opened, it was a big deal thanks to their freshly-toasted subs and fresh ingredients, with many people leaving the Subway train and jumping aboard the Quizno's bandwagon. While Quizno's might be better in terms of quality and flavors, their subs are smaller, which does leave a little something to be desired. The chain's flavors are on point and their bread is durable, but not as good as some other chains that bake their own and have a solid, dense layer between all those ingredients and potential condiments.


It's a little bit surprising, for sure, to see a sandwich chain such as Subway toward the bottom of the list. However, there are some good reasons for this. Subway's bread, while tasty and durable when toasted, has been limited to the same flavors for years (with the exception of a new flavor added here and there) and does have a tendency to get soggy with condiments such as oil and vinegar. Furthermore, Michigan Live said it best when they described Subway's sandwiches as 'always tasting the same.' It doesn't seem to matter which ingredients are added, Subway's sandwiches always have that trademark, traditional Subway flavor.


Blimpie's sandwiches, upon the first inspection, could be considered to be a bit flat. Their flavors are good but that's all it is - just good. Subway undoubtedly has this chain beat with its fresh bread and ingredients, but Blimpie is okay if you're looking for a decent sandwich that has similar flavors as the previous chain. This chain does get points for its long-running history and a generous serving of vegetables, but that's about it.

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