Chicken wings, specifically the buffalo chicken wings, got their small, unsuspecting start in none other than Buffalo, New York. The origin story of wings is nothing short of what may have indeed been an accident or an unexpectedly delicious experiment but has managed to shape the way the world sees chicken. Not only are wings found all over the U.S. but there are entire chain restaurants now dedicated to perfecting these crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, all-around spicy starters. Around the world, other countries have put their own spin on chicken wings which have resulted in more flavor combinations that one person can count in a reasonable amount of time. In short, chicken wings are an iconic staple.


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The biggest question for wing lovers has everything to do with where they can get their chicken fix. With so many options around the U.S., especially, it's a challenge to know which place is worth giving time (and money) to. Out of all of the chain restaurants that dabble in chicken wings, here's the definitive ranking of which of the best are worth their weight in buffalo sauce.

Pizza Hut

Wings are definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when a person suggests Pizza Hut but according to Restaurant Business Magazine, they're ranked in the top ten. If there are no other options around and Pizza Hut is available then these wings won't necessarily disappoint. The chain has been fryin' up chicken wings since 2014 and there's a reason they're still on the menu, complete with nine different sauce flavors, with the tenth being plain, dry wings. Considering Wingstop is also Pizza Hut but rebranded, it makes sense that these wings would be pretty decent.

TGI Fridays

With so many deals going on at TGI Fridays all the time, it's not surprising that their wings are also ranked some of the best among chain restaurants. These wings are just a good all-around option for anyone who's looking to satisfy a craving in a pinch. Are they the best? Many people would challenge that belief. However, they're far from the worst and they manage to have great crispiness on the outside that holds up to a variety of wing sauces from the menu. Between the exterior crunch and the sauces, these are definitely top ten material.

P.F. Chang's

Specifically, the Hunan Dragon wings. For anyone who's into buffalo sauce alternatives, these wings are a must-try. P.F. Chang's has a great menu on its own but the fact that these wings are so tasty just makes a trip there so worth it. The combination of chili jam and Hunan makes for a well-balanced bite and creates a coating on the outside that's almost like a glaze rather than a sauce. A side of pickled cucumber is the perfect refresher to the sizzle these wings give your palate.


Zaxby's can be found in the southern half of the U.S. and that's also where they have a reputation as having some of the best chicken wings around. The thing about Zaxby's is that their sauce offerings go above and beyond what most people would expect - from 'Wimpy' to 'Nuclear' there's truly a spice level for everyone. Even those who aren't feeling hot sauce can indulge in teriyaki, BBQ, or Sweet and Spicy.

Twin Peaks

The reputation that Twin Peaks has is among the best and while they're known for their scratch-made all-American menu and a good old draft beer list, the wings are high-ranking above anything else. Two flavors, in particular, stand out to wing lovers: parmesan garlic and Nashville hot wings. Any one of these is sure to please wing lovers and while they don't have the number one spot, they're pretty high on the list.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Of course, Buffalo Wild Wings had to make the list at some point. The only true criticism this chain gets is that when compared to other independent restaurants or privately-owned wing shops, Buffalo Wild Wings tends to lose some of that attraction and allure. For a chain restaurant, the wings are delicious and the sauce list is extensive, making it a decent competitor against the others.

Wings Over

Wings Over only has about 40 locations across the U.S. and with their growing reputation, they're starting to become highly coveted. The sauce menu, which is inspired by plane types through the decades, is nothing short of perfection. Wings are sold by the number and can come in any number of sauces or spice blends, each of which practically takes up its own page. The only downfall is the price - Wings Over doesn't offer competitive pricing but at the same time, the quality, size, and flavor of the wings are well worth it.


Wingstop comes in at number one thanks to its all-around goodness when it comes to chicken wings. Its sauces are on-point with plenty of variety but not enough to overwhelm, the chain's wings are prepared fresh and hot with not much, if anything at all, to criticize, and the service is great. In terms of flavor, these wings are spot-on and leave fans craving more which is how they've managed to become one of the number one chicken wing restaurants in the country.

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