Massachusetts is home to the most beautiful islands in the US, with 34 majestic archipelagos forming the Boston Harbor Islands. More than 150,000 visitors flock to those islands to witness the magical views and rich culture of the Boston Harbor Archipelago. People come from Boston, all across the US and worldwide, for recreation, relaxation, and learning. Another equally attractive island located to the southern side of Massachusetts is Nantucket. The island's population rises from a mere 14,000 to 50,000 during the summer months due to the tourist influx, with people coming to see the unique scenery of Nantucket.


The island is tiny with a small surface area of 272 square kilometers and is located off Cape Cod. Nantucket forms with Tuckernuck and Muskeget, 2 small islands, known as the Town and County of Nantucket, making it the first in Massachusetts to have a consolidated town-county.

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The Rich History And Unique Attractions Of Nantucket

The island of Nantucket was designated in 1966 by the National Park Service as a National Historic Landmark District. It was branded as the « finest surviving architectural and environmental example of a late 18th- and early 19th-century New England seaport town. The name of the island is a Native American word that means 'far away island' in English. Nantucket is around 6,500 years old and was formed during the Wisconsin Glaciation by the Laurentide Ice Sheet. The island's dreamlike dunes surrounding its pristine beaches were the result of this historic glacial event.

Moreover, Nantucket was considered the world's whaling capital and is home today to a unique Whaling Museum, several former whaling captains' houses, and an old Quaker Meeting House on Fair Street. With over 80 miles of beach, all of them being public, with the sole exception of the Cliffside Beach Club, Nantucket constitutes a fantastic summer escape. Restaurants and shops are found everywhere on Nantucket, with unique places such as the Cisco Brewers, hidden in the flatlands of Nantucket'sNantucket's backcountry and frequented by beer lovers. Moreover, Nantucket has three lighthouses, the Great Point Light, the Sankaty Head Light, and the marvelous Brant Point Lighthouse, with the last being the most beautiful to visit.

Why Brant Point Is The Most Beautiful Town In Nantucket

Brant Point is a small neighborhood in Nantucket and extends from the Brant Point Lighthouse to the calm and mesmerizing Jetties Beach. The latter is suitable for kids and families because of its facilities, from a playground, volleyball nets, public tennis courts, changing rooms, a boardwalk to the beach, and showers. Moreover, visitors of Jetties Beach get the chance to practice windsurfing, sailboating, rent kayaks, and register for lessons to practice such water sports.

Moreover, many tourists flocking to Nantucket head directly to the Brant Point Lighthouse, established in 1746 and the second oldest lighthouse in the United States. Brant Point Lighthouse is considered one of the most photographed lighthouses in the US. The lighthouse is not open to the public, yet visitors enjoy watching the boats passing next to it and the artists painting the lighthouse. Just the view of the lighthouse along the harbor with the boats and crystal clear sea is enough to bring serendipity and utmost relaxation to one's heart and mind.

  • How to get there: To visit the Brant Point Lighthouse, visitors walk along Easton Street and continue over the wooden footbridge.

Brand Point also houses a children's beach on the harbor with a playground, a bandstand, and picnic tables.

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Where To Stay And Eat Near Brant Point

The Brant Point Neighborhood houses various hotels and restaurants that tourists can go to when they visit the area. The most famous accommodation in the neighborhood is the award-winning hotel, The White Elephant. The latter is home to the delicious Brant Point Grill restaurant that offers breathtaking views of the harbor while serving incredible breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moreover, the restaurant has a special kids corner on Sunday Brunches, making it a perfect destination for the whole family.

Another chic restaurant in Brant Point is Lola 41, famous for its fresh sushi and creative cocktails. Moving closer to Jetties Beach, swimmers can enjoy a delicious meal at the open-air Sandbar restaurant. People can enjoy their food while lying on their beach chairs. Another restaurant that specializes in New England cuisine is the Breeze at the Nantucket hotel. The place features live music and serves cocktails and light bites in the summer months.

  • Cost: A Harbor view room for two at the White Elephant hotel costs $585 per night.
  • Recommended: Sunday Brunch at Brant Point Grill and ordering a Lobster Bloody Mary.

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