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When it comes to music festivals UK does obviously come to our mind. Just like there is Coachella in the United States, in the UK there is a long list of some of the best music festivals that one cannot ignore. The much-anticipated music festivals are mostly happening in summer when music is cranked up, and concert lovers are ready to swing. The UK has a long history of iconic music festivals from classic to rock and hip hop, the list goes on. If one wants to mingle with like-minded people, and experience British culture, then consider going to one of the UK’s most iconic music festivals. It’s time to scope out the calendar and get ready for the next music festival.


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Glastonbury Festival

The electrifying Glastonbury Festival is not only the UK’s but also the world’s most iconic festival attended by thousands of music and art lovers. This five-day music festival takes place in Somerset. What started back in the 1970s, where a bunch of hippies would mingle with the cows and get free milk while watching the psychedelic rock band T Rex up on the stage has now turned into an iconic music festival for revelers. One can expect to swing on a diverse music genre, from techno to rock and pop, and full-throttle drum ‘n’ bass. The event has been featuring a music lineup including popular artists and bands such as Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, Stromzy, and The Killers. This event is so huge that it is streamed on TV and covered on many radio stations. Only the lucky ones get the chance to attend it live while camping there, which is why it is important to book a ticket in advance.

Besides, the amazing live music there are many interesting things happening at the event. There are programs that are organized such as comedy, circus, theater, and cabaret. In addition to this, there are sessions of tarot card reading, yoga, and meditation. The park stage itself becomes lively with different vibrant decor, for instance, the iconic Ribbon Tower is an ideal spot to see the breathtaking view of the surroundings. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the love for music and art, and mingle with like-minded people.

  • Ticket Cost: $349.17
  • Tips: To avoid flooding (in case of wet weather) choose an uphill spot. And do bring a raincoat and wear welly boots to face the rain and mud.

BBC Proms

Those who are fans of classical music or ‘serious music’ as Robert Newman, the brainchild of The Proms would call it can witness the sheer beauty of this music genre at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This classical music festival is usually held in summer stretching up to eight weeks at different venues. Prom which is a short-term ‘promenade concert’ was originally referred to as outdoor concerts, where the audience would listen to the music while strolling around in London’s pleasure gardens. Today Promming means standing in the Arena or Gallery areas of the Royal Albert Hall while listening to the live music.

The founder Robert Newman was known for bringing classical music closer to the British audience. This concept was first introduced in France back in the 1830s and was subsequently introduced to the UK. In the 19th century, Sir Henry Wood the conductor performed for almost half a century. Today one can experience the real British culture by attending this iconic music event. It is also broadcasted on TV, radio, and BBC iPlayer.

  • Ticket Cost: $9
  • Main Venue: Royal Albert Hall in central London

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Lovebox Festival

Originally organized in 2002, Lovebox Festival has been attracting many music lovers across the UK to enjoy some of the best hip hop, RnB, and rap music. This much-anticipated music festival is co-founded by the famous Groove Armada and has been one of the top London music festivals since its creation. It has so far featured many of the best performances from Loyle Carner, Four Tet, and Solange. It’s a three-day festival that includes plenty of activities such as body painting, selling vintage items, and food and drinks.

  • Day ticket: $90.45
  • Note: This is a 16+ music event