Las Vegas is the Sin City of the United States. Many a person has bankrupted themselves with the extraordinary amount of gambling in the city. While many others - for better or for worse - have partaken in the city's many other vices. But Las Vegas doesn't need to only be about glittering lights, adult shows, gambling, and many other kinds of enjoyable sin and vice - See here for tips on mistakes rookies make in Vegas.

Vegas can also be a city of peace and relaxation, and some of its resorts have the perfect lazy rivers for one to cool off in the hot desert sun with a cocktail in hand.


The Lazy River Complex Of Tahiti Village

Las Vegas is in the low desert and is the largest city in the sweltering greater Mojave Desert. And if one is visiting there in the hight of summer then during the heat of the day it will often be too hot to go out. But while staying in the Mojave Desert and have the vibe of Tahiti!

The Las Vegas Pool and Lazy River Complex are part of the stunning Tahiti Village. Tahiti Village is a tropical paradise in Las Vegas that simulates the paradise of Tahiti of French Polynesia. The Lazy River is one of the longest in Las Vegas and the pool area is Tahitian-themed. And the perfect way to cool off!

In the winter months, even Las Vegas can cool off, to keep the experience enjoyable year-round the Lazy River is seasonally heated. Just grab a drink, lay on a floatation toy, and enjoy one's lazy drift in paradise. All the troubles of work and life are so far away and irrelevant. With attention to detail, the Lazy River Passage even has four refreshing waterfalls along the route. After one's lazy drift, lay back on on the lounge chairs on the pool decking under one of the numerous thatch umbrellas. To further add the ambiance of the Polynesian feel, there are Tahitian Tiki Torches placed around the Lazy River.

  • Length: The Lazy River Is 1/8 Of A Mile
  • Volume: A Massive Amount Over 185,000 Gallons of Water
  • Land Area: 18,000 Square Feet Of Pool Decking
  • Water Temperature: In The Mid-70s in Summer, Heated To 80 Degrees In The Winter
  • Exclusive: Only Tahitian Village Guests May Use The Pool And Access Is Via The Room Key
  • Note: Outside Food and Drink Are Not Permitted
  • Hours: The Pool Hours Change Seasonally

If one has had enough of chilling and is now in the mood for some overheating, then there are two hot tubs. One of the hot tubs is for exclusive use by adults while the other is for entire families.

  • Hot Tubs: The Pool Area Has Two Hot Tubs

After a full-on day down at the Strip, one may need to unwind before calling it a night. Tahiti Village is an excellent opportunity to do exactly that.

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It wouldn't be really Tahitian-themed if there weren't tropical island-themed bars. The pool area has not one but two of these Tiki-themed tropical bars. The SandBox Bars (as they are called) are ready to survive any drinks one may be partial to while drifting aimlessly along the Lazy River.

Dining At Tahiti Village

Tahiti Village naturally also offers a rich dining experience. Anything from a gourmet meal to a quick bite. They are flexible knowing that this is Vegas - sometimes one wants a bite before going out on the town, while others want a decent meal returning from a long day of exploring the Strip. See here for how to plan a perfect holiday in the real Tahiti.

While there is indeed a plethora of restaurants to choose from in Vegas, one may just be content to dine on the delicious meals prepared at Tahiti Village instead.

The in-house restaurant is called "17° South Booze & Bites" and offers casual dining options. After all, this is Tahitian-themed - and in Tahiti, things are casual and relaxed. The menu itself is island-inspired. Another restaurant by Tahiti Village is Denny's - and this offers many classic diner favorites and the best part is that it is open 24 hours.

  • Draft Beers: There Are 24 Draft Beers On Tap

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Suites And Booking

For those who wish to cook by themselves, some of the suites are kitchen equipped. The resort even offers shuttle services to the local grocery store to make their guest's lives easier.There are a number of suites to choose from that cater to a wide range of tastes and needs. The prices vary by season and by suite, for more information about pricing, check out their website here . Next: 20 Ways You Can Travel To Vegas Without Spending Any Money