The Andaman and Nicobar islands are unifying territories in India which contains two sets of islands along the southeastern edge of Bengals bay. Both Andaman and Nicobar are home to about 300 islands and are known for their beautiful white-sand beaches, tropical rainforests, mangrove rainforests, and palm-lined beaches. Beautiful coral reefs are also present here which house Sharks, Rays, and all sorts of marine life thus a paradise for diving and snorkeling.

Andaman Islands

On hearing the words "Andaman Islands," what comes to the mind of most people are the oasis and the wonders of nature. Well, that thought is certainly backed by the natural beauty of the islands. However, the Andaman islands are more than that. The Andaman islands feature many extreme sports and are the ideal destination for a lively holiday. Below are some of the fun things you can do in the Andaman Islands.


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Scuba Diving

Do you love scuba diving? If you are, then you’re in luck as scuba diving is easily the most fun activity throughout the Andaman Islands. Basically, anyone can take part in scuba diving in the Andaman islands since you do not have to be an experienced or skilled swimmer of any sort to involve yourself in this activity. But make no mistake, you need to be an excellent swimmer to take part in more advanced scuba diving. That is a requirement in order to live your scuba diving dreams to the fullest.

Banana Boat Ride

Yes we know, a banana boat ride sounds hilarious. However, you can't claim to have visited the Andaman islands without a banana boat ride. In the physical sense, the banana boat ride is simply a ride on a banana-shaped boat. The banana boat ride is a unique activity in the Andaman islands as it sees visitors through the waters as they explore the beauty of the island. To prevent visitors from potentially drowning, safety gear is made available for each person. The banana boat ride takes a maximum number of six per ride and is a must-do while in the Andaman islands.

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Sea Walking

Do you love sea diving and want to do it but can't? Well, sea walking is for you! Visitors get to explore the underwater ecosystem of the Andaman islands by sea walking. Sea walking is walking on the seabed with the aid of water protection equipment and of course oxygen. Visitors are escorted by a photographer who covers your sea walk as well as a sea walking instructor. Prior to your sea walk experience, you will be educated on how to go about your sea walk. The best place to take on this experience is at Port Blair in the North Bay.

Nicobar Islands

Unlike the Andaman islands, Nicobar Island is not easily visited as the Indian government does not allow outsiders to wander in freely. As of 2011, research shows that rather than entering, people leave this island. An estimated 36,000 people leave the Nicobar Islands. Due to its inside nature, these people require food, mobile services, and petrol to be brought in. These needs include proper medical facilities and access to education.

A visit to the Nicobar islands is one like no other as there exists zero infrastructure for any sort of tourism. So, if you are able to visit the Nicobar islands, it's going to be more of an adventure. Indians are allowed in however, visitors need a permit to be able to enter. These permits are not easy to come by, however. If you've made it to the Nicobar islands, congratulations - here's what to see.

A Walk At The Elephant Beach

The island as you would've guessed is home to many beaches, most of which are beautiful white-sand beaches. The Elephant beach is quite unique because, unlike some other beaches that are filled with litter, the elephant beach welcomes you with a peaceful and calm atmosphere. The elephant beach features a two-kilometer walking or trekking course from Radha Nagar beach to the elephant beach. Rather than making use of a boat, visitors will get the ultimate experience walking through this path. This may seem aimless but on the contrary, is so refreshing and filled with satisfaction afterward.

As you would have noticed by now, despite the Andaman islands and the Nicobar islands always going side by side, acceptability to the latter is very limited. Regular tourists hardly get into the Nicobar islands however, researchers on the other hand are allowed in for strictly research purposes. That being said, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are definitely worth the visit as it brings you closer to nature and specifically the marine life present in its waters.

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