The Florida Everglades is a must-see for anyone looking to experience a dynamic, ever-changing landscape that is abundant in both flora and fauna—and has the distinction of being the biggest subtropical wilderness area in the country. Home to many species that can’t be seen anywhere else, the Everglades also boasts many popular tourist activities and unique ways to explore this diverse and beautiful wetland area.

One of the best ways to explore the Everglades is by airboat, as it is a safe and immersive experience that lets you see all that this amazing area has to offer. Here’s what to expect if you book an airboat tour on your next trip.


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Wonderful Wildlife

Excited to see animals in their natural habitat, including many that you can’t see anywhere else? Then an airboat tour is for you! Alligators, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, and birds are just some of the wildlife you can expect to encounter on your voyage. Most airboat tours take you on a journey down the canal and through Everglades National Park, where you will have plenty of photo ops with animals in both the air and water. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss a thing!

Guided Tours Are Educational and Fun

The best part of airboat tours is learning about your surroundings as you learn facts about the area’s history, ecology, and inhabitants. While all airboat trips are not created equal, most tours offer knowledgeable, experienced guides that make the trip a fun and exciting activity for the entire family. Many companies also offer private tours for a more intimate experience, and others, such as Everglades City Airboat Tours, even offer additional perks like two-way headsets to encourage guide and passenger interactions.

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Do Your Homework

As mentioned above, the Everglades cover a huge area of South Florida, so be sure to do a little research so you can plan ahead. There are different access points to the Everglades, so it is important to learn more about your destination ahead of time including the location of your tour, where to access it, what to bring, and how to prepare. Booking your tickets in advance is the best way to learn more about your chosen tour, including departure times and about other available activities, such as wildlife shows.

Picking A Tour That’s Right For You

Chances are that no matter what tour you choose, you will have plenty to see. However, tours do differ in length and often vary in regard to location. Some tours wind through the mangroves, while others stick to more shallow waterways that wend through the canal. And while most tours focus on flora and fauna, others incorporate local culture as well; for example, Buffalo Tiger’s Airboat Tours introduce tour-goers to a Miccosukee Indian camp.

Choose Your Adventure

There is so much to see and do in the Everglades, and it may seem overwhelming to choose a tour that makes the most of your time and money—while also offering the best all-around experience. This is why research is so important, including checking customer and company reviews. Interested in a wildlife show? Many tours offer shows that are included in the price of admission. Looking for a private or semi-private experience to avoid the crowds? Many companies like Everglades Swamp Tours offer extended private tours. With so many available options, you can be sure to find a tour that fits your budget and is both exciting and educational.

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The Florida Everglades has plenty to offer. Amazing animals, fantastic flora, and scintillating scenery combine to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any visitor, and an airboat is one of the best ways to explore this incredible region and bask in the beauty of South Florida.

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