According to, there are a lot of reasons why people love to go to Disney, such as the fact that the food is usually good, and there are a lot of rides to enjoy there. Another thing that makes it so awesome is that there are things there that adults can do as well, meaning that they can enjoy a trip there as much as the kids do.

But, there are a lot of parents that take their kids there as well, even during summer. Those who want to go to the water parks might have a hard time figuring out which one their kids will love more. Here are some facts that might make that decision a bit easier.


Both Parks Have A Lazy River, But The One At Blizzard Beach Is Really Spacious

There are a lot of cool rides at Disney water parks, and some of the best ones can be found at Blizzard Beach. One ride that seems to be in most water parks is something called a lazy river, which is basically just something that allows guests to relax as they lay back on something in the water, and float at a leisurely pace until they reach the end of the body of water that they are in.

But some lazy rivers are better than others. According to, the one at Blizzard Beach is actually pretty spacious, which is always nice.

Typhoon Lagoon Has Areas That Are Aimed More At Small Children

Both of these water parks seem to offer something for people of all ages. However, parents who have kids that are really little might enjoy going to Typhoon Lagoon better than they would a trip to Blizzard Beach. Blizzard Beach has some things for kids of varying ages, but Typhoon Lagoon has an attraction that is designed especially for little ones.

According to, there are Bay slides there that can be found in the Lagoon Surf Pool. These slides are not for older people since they are made for toddlers, as well as kids that are slightly older than them.

There Are More Slides At Blizzard Beach

There are a lot of things that make both of these parks a lot of fun for both individuals and families to visit. But, there are some things about each one that travelers need to know about before they book a trip there, such as the fact that one of them has more slides than the other one does.

According to, Blizzard Beach actually has more slides than Typhoon Lagoon does. Furthermore, most of the slides there seem to be aimed at older children, as well as adults. That is not the case for Typhoon Lagoon since many of the slides there are made with little ones in mind.

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There Are Places For Parents To Sit And Relax At Typhoon Lagoon

According to, the park that some parents might want to consider going to between Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach is Typhoon Lagoon, since this place allows parents to chill out and relax while their kids are having a lot of fun.

It is perfectly natural for parents to worry about the safety of their children, especially where water is concerned. But the layout in some parts of Typhoon Lagoon helps to ensure that kids are safe, which means that their parents can relax and enjoy themselves as well. One of the places that allow parents to relax is the lazy river. They can also have fun on the rides that are made for adults.

Blizzard Beach Has A More Exciting Atmosphere Than Typhoon Lagoon, So Kids Might Have More Fun There

There are very distinct themes to both of these parks. Those who want more of a relaxing vibe should check out Typhoon Lagoon, but kids who prefer a lot of excitement during their vacation will likely enjoy going to Blizzard Beach more.

Typhoon Lagoon is supposed to make guests feel as though they are at a nice tropical location. But on the other hand, Blizzard Beach is supposed to look like a ski resort that was put in an area that is too warm. According to, Blizzard Beach is the home of some very thrilling rides, including Summit Plummet. Kids who love fun and excitement will probably enjoy a trip there more than they would like a trip to Typhoon Lagoon.

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