In the heat of a tied inning, it's easy to forget that the baseball stadium that we're sitting in also sells food. One of the best parts of going to any sports game is the tailgating that happens beforehand but for those who don't enjoy sitting on the tailgate grilling in a parking lot, there's stadium food. Not all stadium vendors will be popping out delicious food and not everyone knows how to make a good old-fashioned ballpark hot dog - but that doesn't mean some aren't slaying the food game during events.


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In anticipation of being able to cheer on our favorite MLB teams again, we're taking a look at one important aspect of any sporting event: the food. It might not matter to some people but for those who are regulars to their home stadium, it means everything to be able to grab a bite, find your seat, and enjoy the game. When it comes to the best food of any MLB stadium, these are some of the best.

Camden Yards

If you're cheering on the Baltimore Orioles (or are just there to root for a rival team) then the food is definitely something to scope out before the game starts. Camden Yards is serving up seafood in the way that only Maryland can, offering crab cakes that are second to none and are truly restaurant quality.

That's not the only way they're serving crab, though - the stadium also sells crab dip waffle fries, kettle chips with a crab topping, and even crab hot dogs. They're serious about their shellfish and we can't imagine a better stadium at which to indulge in all the crab meat we possibly can. If the crab isn't your thing, though, swing by Boog's Barbecue, a restaurant run by former Baltimore Oriole's player Boog Powell that's deserving of the BBQ hype.

Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park is known first and foremost as the home of the Houston Astros but also as the stadium where food reigns supreme. It's the home of the barbecue-stuffed baked potato which is a brilliant creation in itself, and that's not all this stadium has to offer to hungry fans.

Along with the famed baked potato that's stuffed with onions, cheese, jalapeño peppers, pulled pork, and BBQ sauce, it's also where fans can get a sandwich made by none other than Andrew Zimmerman. The sandwich in question is the Deep-Fried Korean Pork Belly Sandwich and believe us when we say it's worth waiting in a line for.

AT&T Park

The amazing thing about AT&T Park is that not only is the food delicious but it's also home to a garden that's 4,320 square feet... and it's all edible. The two bistros in the park use the garden to create fresh and innovative dishes that fans love, and it's perfectly fitting for a California stadium.

There's plenty for those who aren't necessarily looking for vegetables, too. The garlic fries, Cha Cha Bowl, and Crazy Crab'z Dungeness sandwich have a particularly stellar reputation with fans.

Marlins Park

It's not surprising that Miami is home to some seriously excellent eats and Marlins Park channels those same great flavors. Nothing in this park is average or regular, and even the hot dogs have a traditional Miami twist to them in the form of Tex-Mex.

The park is also well-known for its extensive grilled cheese options which are really just grilled sandwiches, period. If you're craving something to satisfy that sweet tooth, fluffernutter and marshmallow grilled 'cheeses' are the way to go.

Oakland Coliseum

The Oakland A's weren't always known for having great food in their stadium but that doesn't mean the reputation is the same today. Not only is the food at Oakland Coliseum super affordable, but it's also progressive and unique in flavor.

Options such as ahi poke tacos and classic BBQ are both on the menu. If eating food from the stadium isn't your jam or nothing catches your interest, then surely the rotation of food trucks in the Plaza will catch a fan's attention.

Petco Park

Home to the San Diego Padres, it's already presumed that if this stadium is going to be serving BBQ then it better be good - and it's delicious. The best can be found at Phil's BBQ which has quite a reputation both with fans and in San Diego, and there are enough options to please any fan's BBQ need, complete with the fixins'.

For an after-BBQ treat, ice cream sandwiches from The Baked Bear are an absolute must since they press each one fresh to order. There's nothing better than some good BBQ and a freshly-pressed, slightly warmed ice cream sandwich to boot during a big game.

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