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Back in the colonial time, Grand Bahama was a favorite spot for famous pirates like Blackbeard, or Captain Kidd. Today this island has become a go-to weekend getaway for those looking to unwind on the sun-drenched beach. Touted as one of the most popular islands in The Bahamas, Grand Bahama is nestled 55 miles east of Florida. Many prefer to take the high-speed ferry from Florida to reach this island for a well-deserving break in summer. The island offers a holistic getaway for all types of visitors. Some prefer thrilling activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, or kayaking, while others opt for a more laid-back setting at a remote beach. From its turquoise water, and interesting hotel packages to the delicious local seafood, find out more about why this Bahamian island is the best to visit.


Stunning Beaches In Grand Bahama

What makes Grand Bahama an idyllic island getaway is undoubtedly its stunning list of great beaches that suit every taste. From its convenient amenities and easy access to most of its beaches, this island can easily be one of the much sought-after weekend destinations in summer, particularly among the nearby US visitors. Holidaymakers will be able to choose from the popular beaches packed with facilities such as dive shops, restaurants, and pubs to secluded beaches that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Adventurous spirits seeking to get their dose of adrenaline will have a plethora of water sports to take part in. Simply head to the Lucaya and Taino beaches and choose from an extensive list of thrilling activities such as windsurfing, fishing, parasailing, or scuba diving. In addition, one can expect to find beachfront bars to chill with refreshing cocktail drinks and music playing in the background. While those looking for a rather intimate and secluded setting can visit the Barbary Beach, which is one of the recommended beaches located in the east of the Grand Lucayan. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and find a variety of beautiful shells.

  • Beaches With Activities: Lucaya Beach, Taino Beach, and William’s Town Beach
  • Secluded Beaches: Barbary Beach, Gold Rock Beach, and Fortuna Beach

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Amazing Hotels In Grand Bahama

The Bahamas is not short on family-friendly all-inclusive resorts. Rated one of the top Bahamian tourist destinations, Grand Bahama has different types of places to bed down and relax. The island’s main hub notably Port Lucaya is dotted with luxurious hotels and consists of long stretches of white powdery sands to wind down. Many hotels provide different holiday packages, which suit romantic couples, solo travelers, and families with children. Memories Grand Bahama Resort & Spa offers an all-inclusive package, where vacationers can enjoy unlimited meals, beverages, green fees, complimentary water sports, and for children, there is a kid’s adventure program too.

For a more private and less crowded experience, consider vacationing at the Old Bahama Bay, which is an upscale beachfront resort tucked into the West End of the island. Those planning to discover the marine wildlife will be able to book a diving session at the Bell Channel Inn right in the hotel itself.

Fun Eco-activities In Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is bestowed with a vibrant ecosystem consisting of a myriad of plant and animal species. For instance, it has many varieties of bats such as the buffy flower bat which is covered with white and brown hair. Thanks to its physical attribute, especially the ‘flowery nose’ which helps pollinate flowers. This type of bat can be seen at Ben’s Cave located in the 16-hectare of Lucayan National Park. The park is much lauded for its underwater cave system known to be one of the longest in the world. Another interesting cave to explore at the national park is the Burial Mound Cave, where the bones of the earliest inhabitants of the island were discovered in 1986.

In addition to this, families can book an eco-tour at the Garden of the Groves. Take the winding walking trails and discover the lush tropical landscape, where reside colorful birds and butterflies. There are also many cascades and a spiritual labyrinth ideal for meditation. Children will have a well-equipped playground to enjoy themselves.

  • Recommended Attractions: Lucayan National Park and Garden of the Groves

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Delicious Dishes In Grand Bahama

The traditional delicious Bahamian cuisine is hands down one of the key factors, which draw many visitors to Grand Bahama besides its sublime beaches. The island has adopted a fusion cuisine influenced by many cultures, but mainly from West Africa, American Indians, and Central America. The local herbs used in several dishes add a uniqueness to the island’s cuisine. Visitors can find seafood dishes such as fish, shellfish, crabs, and of course the conch used in salads. Those, who are craving delicious seafood can check Pisces Seafood Restaurant & Pizzeria to tuck into local delicacies. Diners can choose from ten different curries, and more than 20 different thin-crust pizzas in a cozy setting.

  • Recommended restaurant: Pisces Seafood Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Address: G996+RP8, Port Lucaya Marketplace, Grand Island, Freeport, Bahamas
  • Opening Hours: 4:00 p.m - 11:00 pm (closed on Sunday)