Great heights can be reached in any number of ways. One might choose to do the legwork and hike their way to the top of a mountain, while another might choose to find the closest observation deck and take an elevator to the top. Some might even prefer to stay low to the ground and take the more scenic routes to get views from below, and each one is bound to provide a unique perspective.

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Another way to explore great heights is by taking a tram, known as a cable car or gondola in some countries. They're all names for the same thing: a small cab that runs on a cable wire to get a person to a peak point in the landscape. And around the world, many trams provide views that can't be had in any other way.

Roosevelt Island Tram

The Roosevelt Island Tram is one that's pretty local for many people, and some might not even realize that stunning skyline views await them in their own city. The tram runs from Roosevelt Island to the Upper East Side, providing views of both Manhattan and the East River for as far as the eye can see.

As far as urban landscapes go, this is one of the most beautiful tram journeys in the world, and it only takes three minutes to witness all that New York City has to offer from a bird's eye view.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is unique both in its views as well as in its operation. It's the only cableway out of three in the world that allows for full 360-degree views along the ride, all in a matter of only five minutes. The cableway has been running since 1929 and was the first attraction ever created in Cape Town.

At the top, visitors have the chance to see views that many can only dream of, including full 360-degree views of Cape Town, nearby mountain ranges, Table Bay, and Table Mountain National Park. Those who tram to the top also have the option of repelling down the rock wall - or you could just stay until sunset, which is arguably the most beautiful time of the day in Cape Town.

Gibraltar Cable Car

The tiny British Overseas Territory known as 'The Rock' is actually the island of Gibraltar, and while it's not as well-known a destination as Spain's major cities, it's no less beautiful.

The Gibraltar Cable Car was built in 1966 and has been offering rides to the top of the island since then, with breathtaking views of the surrounding island into the strait and North Africa. However, a surprise awaits visitors at the top - the apes that inhabit the area are prone to stealing from unsuspecting travelers!

Skyline Gondola

The Skyline Gondola has a reputation for being the steepest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere, which is also what makes it so thrilling.

The views travelers will have over the surrounding city and Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown can only be seen from this angle as the tram makes its way to Bob's Peak. It's at this summit that thrill-seekers can continue their adrenaline rush through any number of activities, from bungee-jumping to luge racing.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

Croatia is well-known for its seaside beauty and while it's stunning to take in from the shore, it's an entirely new experience to see it all from above.

The Dubrovnik Cable Car takes visitors up above Old Town, ascending a height of 1,329 feet into the air to give way to views of the Dalmation Coast and the Adriatic Sea. Walking down from the cable car only takes about 30 minutes, so it's worth it to do half the trip on foot to see yet another vantage point.

Hakone Ropeway

The Guinness Book of World Records has deemed the Hakone Ropeway the busiest in the world, with up to two million visitors riding it each year. This tram is a longer ride than most and takes roughly 30 minutes to go from Lake Ashi to Sounzan Station in Hakone, with incredible views of Mount Fiji on a clear day.

The ropeway has a one-minute interval between trips and allows visitors to take in the views of both of these gorgeous landscapes, including Owakudani and its lush mountain forests.

Grenoble-Bastille Cable Car

The Grenoble-Bastille Cable Car has been operational since 1934, and while it's been running for decades now, it's the modern appearance of the cable cars that catch people's attention.

The cars themselves are spheres that allow for full 360-degree views of the Isere River all the way to ancient Bastille, with the Alps and Mont Blanc in the background. Thanks to a combination of plexiglass and steel, this is one ride that's worth overcoming a fear of heights for.

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