New York State is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. And of all cities in the US, New York City is the most visited. When planning to visit New York City or the greater New York State, the means and logistics of travel is usually a top consideration. While one can drive from Florida to New York, or from anywhere in the United States, the trip will be long, arduous, and tiring. And across the Atlantic, it won’t be possible. That’s the reason flying remains one of the best ways to get into New York State.


For budget travelers, or if money is a constraint, one will want to know the cheapest airport in New York. A pretty penny saved here and there can go a long way. And when we look at several factors, La Guardia is the cheapest airport in all of New York State. Here’s the reason.

Why La Guardia Is The Cheapest Airport In New York State.

According to a study done by Net Credit, an online lender based in Chicago, Illinois, La Guardia is the cheapest airport in New York State with regard to domestic flights. The detailed study compared the average ticket prices of 142 airports in the United States. Net Credit picked the airports based on how busy they are. According to the study, the average ticket price for domestic flights at La Guardia Airport is $277.22. Of course, according to the study, MacArthur Airport in Long Island has a lower average ticket price. The average ticket price at MacArthur Airport is $234.36. However, MacArthur Airport is considered a small airport and categorized differently.

Yet, according to Net Credit, affordability is not only determined by the average ticket price. Aside from ticket price, affordability is usually determined by average earnings as well. This makes sense. Take for instance a ticket that goes for $300. If Emma’s monthly salary is $8,200, while Liam’s monthly salary is $3,900, it goes without saying that Emma will find the $300 ticket more affordable. As a consequence, Net Credit also did a comparison of the ticket price as a percentage of the average monthly salary. The findings are similar. Among the big commercial airports in New York State, La Guardia came top for affordability—based on ticket price as a percentage of average monthly salary. The ticket as a percentage of the average monthly salary for La Guardia Airport was a minuscule 4.68%. Again, MacArthur Airport posts a better figure of 3.96%. But like we’ve seen, MacArthur Airport is in the small airport category and, according to USA Today, actually the fourth-best airport in the United States—in that category.

  • How Far Is LaGuardia Airport From Manhattan: 9 miles or 26 minutes by car.

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How La Guardia Airport Compares To Other Airports In New York State In Cost.

We all want tips for finding cheap flights. The extra dollars can then go towards improving our vacation experience. That’s the reason that continuously comparing prices for hotels, lodges, and flights— must be part of a traveler’s skill-set. While the average domestic flight ticket at La Guardia Airport, as we’ve seen is $277.22, the average ticket price at John F. Kennedy International Airport is $320.25. That’s about 15% more. The most expensive airport in the Empire State turns out to be Greater Rochester International Airport in the city of Rochester. The average ticket price at Rochester International Airport is $358.5. Compared to La Guardia, that’s $81.28 more or about 30% higher—according to the same study.

At the Syracuse Hancock International Airport, the average ticket price is $353.97. On the other hand, Albany International Airport and Buffalo Niagara International Airport have average ticket prices of $359.15 and $315.26 respectively. As a rule, big airports which have many airlines tend to be cheaper than small airports. This is because of the cut-throat competition that such an environment breeds. Of course, they’ll be one or two variations.

  • Where Can A Budget Traveler Stay In Downtown Manhattan? HI New York City Hostel, a 10-minute-walk from Central Park, on the upper west side, costs about $67 per night.

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How La Guardia Airport Compares To Other Airports In New York Metropolitan Area In Cost.

We’ve seen that La Guardia is the cheapest airport in the state of New York. However, we now want to see how it compares to the airports in the metropolitan area that consists of New York City and its environs. Travel costs from the airport to the city, though a tiny fraction of total travel cost, are still a significant component. John F. Kennedy International Airport charges a standard $52 per ride—from the airport to anywhere in downtown Manhattan. At Newark Airport, travelers will pay between $50 and $70. When it comes to La Guardia, taxi charges are anywhere between $30 and $45. This shows that La Guardia Airport, based on travel costs from the airport to the city, is the cheapest of the three.

New York State boasts a wide array of insanely beautiful places. With a tab on the flight costs—including airport costs—traveling to the Empire State should be a lot easier. And according to what we've seen, La Guardia Airport is the cheapest in New York State.