You have muscled your way through years of college, cramming, and preparing for a life of work in your chosen field. You've poured your heart and soul into deciding how you want to spend the next fifty years of your life, and narrowed your job search down. Now all you have to do is decide which of the fifty states you want to work and live in. Talk about an overwhelming thing to consider! There are so many great cities for employment and residence, and one of those places is the Lone Star State.

Texas has so much employment opportunity as well as fun and vibrant cities for people of all ages. Not all of those cities are affordable, though. You want to work and have money left over to enjoy life, not work tirelessly only to be able to scrape together rent! This is why many people skip over a possible life in expensive countries. If Texas is where you choose to put down roots, choose to reside in a Texan city that won't break the bank. These ten choices are great options.

10 Progresso, Texas Is Know For Affordability And Mild Winters

There is so much to see and do in the massive state of Texas. A weekend in Houston or a booked forty-eight hours in San Antonio would wipe anyone out! Living in large, busy cities like those will never leave a person bored, but large city life isn't for everyone. Smaller towns, like Progresso Texas, are great options for people who crave quaint and slow. Progresso is small, but rapidly growing, never chilly and cold and is the most affordable city in all of Texas to live in.

9 Pecos, Texas Is In Your Budget And Rapidly Growing

If you are looking for a life in Texas as well as a life that doesn't stretch your pockets out, Pecos, Texas, is another excellent option. This city sits just south of the New Mexican border, and is the largest city in Reeves County, with about ten thousand residents. Pecos has a lot of opportunities too. Forbes magazine listed it as the second fastest-growing city in the entire country! This is an excellent time to get into the real estate game here because it probably won't be affordable for very long.

8 Breckenridge Gives Residents A High Quality Of Life At A Decent Price

The city of Breckenridge combines a high quality of life with a low cost of living. In fact, The cost of living here is about twenty-five percent lower than the national average. This is what everyone should want to look for in a residence! The slow and small Texan town is surrounded by three different lakes, a prize in a desert state, and has much to offer in the education and employment realms. It's a young city too, with the median age being thirty-three.

7 Lewisville, Texas Won't Break The Bank, And Will Give You Plenty To Do

Lewisville, Texas, is another affordable city to start your life in. The average home price here is only about $150,000. It is located right outside of the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, so getting into the city won't be much of an issue for many wanting to work downtown, but live in a suburb. There is much to do in Lewisville proper, ranging from shopping and downtown activities to lots of outside excursions.

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6 Cedar Park, Texas Has Reasonable House Prices

Cedar Park, Texas, is only seventeen miles from fun and funky Austin, and life in this town will cost a fraction of what Austin living would. Cedar Park is booming, thanks to several large companies offering employment there. When the work hours come to a close, residents enjoy many outside activities as well as sporting events at The Cedar Park Center, a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venue. There are many dining and shopping options here, as well. Much to do at an affordable price!

5 Post, Texas, Maintains Small Town Vibes Amidst Growth

Many people have heard of popular Texan cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, but many have never come across tiny towns like Post, Texas. Post, though small, has tons of personality and lots of value in its homes. Housing values have risen almost nine percent in Post, Texas, and the cost of living is still very low, hovering around thirty percent lower than the national average. It's worth considering if a large city life is not what you have in mind for yourself.

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4 Monahans Maintains Affordability And Gives Its People Amazing Outdoor Amenities

One of the great aspects of living in a state such as Texas is that there is so much to do outside. The town of Monahans is near Monahans Sandhills State Park, which means sand, sand, sand. When you leave the office, you will be steps away from sand dune climbing, sand surfing, and sand football. The best part of life in Monahans is you get recreation and a place to rest your head at a very low price. It's one of the more affordable towns in the state.

3 Frisco Living Is A Dream Location At A Low Cost

If you love to eat and shop, and want to retain some money to do those things, then Frisco, Texas is the place for you. Located right outside of Dallas, this city has been deemed "a shopper's paradise." It has nine 9 million square feet of retail and dining for its residents to enjoy. On top of this, the median house only costs about $100,000. Frisco is a superb choice for work, rest, and activity.

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2 Odessa, Texas Is Like Living In A Scene From Friday Night Lights

Life in Odessa, Texas, can be described as a scene straight from Friday Night Lights. Think football games, neighbors who know each other's names, and cowboy culture. Those aspects aren't the only draws to the town, however. Odessa is considered to be very affordable. Its median home price is about one hundred grand, and its economy is diverse and bustling. It continues to draw in young families and those wanting plenty of employment options as well as a slower-paced life.

1 Try Brownsville If You Love Sunshine And Extra Pocket Money

Life in Brownsville, which sits at the southernmost tip of Texas, has a waterfront, ocean living at a fraction of a price. The city boasts tons of Mexican flair and culture, and very affordable living options. If you crave beach life, Mexican food, and lots of extra cash in your wallet, then this might be an awesome place to start your career and your life. Make sure and check it out when aiming to take up residence in a Texan town.

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