Bridgerton took the entire Netflix world by storm back in 2020 and had fans flying through episodes faster than they could find tea and biscuits to eat while they did it. With its salacious and altogether indulgent storylines, absolutely dripping with the signs of a guilty pleasure in the making, the show takes place in the most romanticized of eras. Shonda Rhimes, an already brilliant creator, is responsible for creating such an engaging and addictive world, and it's one that many people found themselves utterly, and blissfully, lost in.


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While the days of courting for romance and feeling sparks at something as seemingly simple as a glance across the ballroom are far gone, the locations in which they took place are not. The United Kingdom still holds an air of elegance, true royalty, and nods to the cobblestone streets and architecture of the Regency period. Many towns and cities within England could just as easily transport a person back to the year 1811 (with the exception of indoor bathrooms rather than chamberpots) if one only closes their eyes and imagines a violin playing softly in the background. Of its many charming cities, these are the most enchanting landscapes that had everyone falling in love with the country once again.


Of the older cities in the country, Bath holds a tremendous amount of history and charm that seems to captivate anyone who visits. The city has maintained much of its original charm in the form of its Georgian architecture which still holds true to its history. With many sharp-steepled churches and homes that are older than many even realize, there's a transformative feeling when someone steps foot into its city limits.

Suddenly, it's not about the nearest Starbucks or how quickly one can catch a cab; it becomes about strolling the streets and slowing down, and taking in all that came in the city before, and appreciating all the history that will continue after. It's as though time has stopped within the city, making it the perfect place to imagine you're a Bridgerton.


There are few places as striking as the Surrey countryside, specifically the Surrey garden, which served as the backdrop for the gardens at Painshill Park. These gardens exuded all of the regality necessary to convince viewers that they were, indeed, getting a glimpse into the past. They were originally landscaped during the 18th century with Charles Hamilton overseeing the project and today, they exist as a reminder of the grand beauty that came of the era.

Additionally, the Chinese Bridge in the Surrey garden was also a centerpiece in Bridgerton, with the lake over which it sits, glass-like and peaceful. Those who have the supreme pleasure of enjoying both the bridge and its surroundings will be able to understand why so many people once spent so much time outside.


Yorkshire has been the location setting of many a movie but it has since been revived as a destination (not that it ever stopped being a popular vacation spot) with its place in Bridgerton. The setting that was used in Yorkshire, specifically, is Howard Castle, which fans will remember quite fondly.

In-person, it demands even more of a presence as its grand architecture looms beyond perfectly manicured gardens. The lawn leads the eye up to a fountain which is also easily recognizable, only serving to add to the idea that at any moment, visitors could be zipped back to the early 1800s, preparing for an elaborate ball just behind its doors. This is all before taking into account the interior of the castle, which, needless to say, is just as stately and regal as the rest of it.


London, very much like New York City, is adored by filmmakers. If it's not the constant energy and buzz of a lively city, it's the fact that London is one of many European cities that has held onto its historic charm. This makes it the perfect place to shoot a period-accurate show, and Bridgerton is no exception to that. The city has been seen in many movies and TV shows but is known most recently from its sighting in The Crown, also on Netflix.

The city's semi-forgotten cobblestone streets and quieter parts are nothing short of romantic, with each corner taking visitors to places that make it easy to imagine a whole other era calling it home. Many of the locations within London were used as well, with shops and restaurants maintaining their historic charm despite the fact that time has moved on around them.

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