Many of us have just one requirement when choosing a travel destination – sun. After an endless winter, we look forward to feeling the warm sun on our face. Now, sunshine experts Oliver’s Travels have found the sunniest spots on the planet where you can enjoy sunshine 365 days a year.

A new study by Oliver’s Travels reveals the warmest destinations around the world throughout the year. The heat map highlights the average temperatures different regions can expect to experience throughout the year.


If you’re looking for hot and sunny all year, your best bet is Dubai, where the temperature throughout the year never falls below 21°C/70°F and the highest can be a sweltering 38°C/100°F.

In Europe, a good bet is Rome, which offers stunning historical landmarks, culture, nightlife and sun, nearly year round. Temperatures hit highs of of 30°C/86°F in the Italian capital. Barcelona is also a safe bet, since the yearly average is 26°C/80°F in the summer.

In the Americas, Last Vegas reaches highs of 100°F in the summer, but for a winter getaway, you can always count on Hawaii for good weather. In December, temperatures range from 24-25°C/74°F-75°F, and don’t drop any lower throughout the year.

In Africa, Gaborone is ideal in winter, when temperatures reach 28°C/82°F. In summer, Cairo enjoys average temperatures 31°C/88°F on average in the summer, therefore, it’s a great option from April to October.

Down Under, Brisbane is the Australia’s hottest and sunniest city throughout the year. Beating out Sydney, Melbourne and Fiji, Brisbane’s temperatures range from a minimum of 15°C/60°F in July to sunny averages of 26°C/80°F in January and December.

London, meanwhile, has occasionally sunny days in the summer, though last summer the sun shone often. The UK capital has temperatures in the mid-teens throughout the year, so it can be a good place to escape the oppressive summer heat.

On average, London peaks in June and July, when the temperature is 20°C/68°F. That’s lower than Dubai, Bali, Bangkok, Mumbai, or Singapore – even at their coldest. For true sun-worshippers, though, the UK is probably not the best option.

Oliver Bell, Co-Founder of Oliver’s Travels says, “People work hard all year to kick back and relax on holidays and it can really dampen the mood when the weather doesn’t cooperate. And let’s be honest, we’ve all been there!”

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“While we can’t promise you good weather, by analysing the temperatures and sunshine hours year-round across the globe we can tell you where’s your best chance to catch some rays!” he adds.

For more of the hottest, sunniest places in the world, check out the full research on Oliver’s Travels here.