Among the trends this year, 'revenge travel' has made it to the top of most people's lists - at least, those who travel often, or did, prior to the pandemic. With travel coming to a screeching standstill once again (not that it was ever back in full swing), many people are getting together their lists of the top destinations for travel once it's safe to hop on a plane again. Between the money that's being saved by not traveling right now and the restlessness of most people in the world right now, it's not surprising to see these lists getting extensively longer.


There are some locations that we've been to before that cause us to feel unnatural homesickness for a place we've never actually called 'home,' while others have been on the bucket list for a while and have just never happened. Thus, the lists of post-pandemic travel are finally seeing the light of day and with them, the destinations that everyone seems to be adding to their lists either again, or in general. The post-pandemic world will look entirely different and it's likely that people who have never been on a plane before will happily take that first step in their own adventure.

Cross-Country Road Trip, US

Many are discovering that there was an entire world in their own backyards, so to speak. The US is still full of wonder, exploration, and excitement, and it wasn't until local travel became so popular that many realized there are plenty of personally undiscovered places right in their own country. With that realization came the desire to see it all in as intimate a way as possible: A cross-country road trip. Whether it takes two weeks or a month, fewer and fewer people are caring about the amount of time taken off from work in order to live out their adventurer dreams, and a cross-country road trip is the perfect (and affordable) place to start.

Santorini (Or Any Other Greek Island), Greece

When this is all over, many people will be seeking the ideal place to unwind in a beautiful place. There aren't many better places to do that than the Greek islands, with their natural beauty and seaside landscapes. For those seeking something a bit more exciting, Greece is also home to many islands that put on great beachside parties, and we're pretty sure that when the world is safe again, many a party will be had.

New South Wales, Australia

In terms of long-distance travel, Australia might feel like the end of the world for some people which is exactly what many are looking for. When it comes time to travel again, there's going to be this notion of 'go big or go home' and Australia is about as big as it gets for those on the other side of the world. New South Wales is one of the most popular destinations for travelers and has literally everything a person could want on a vacation, from cities to beaches and gorgeous countrysides.

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Rome, Italy

Italy was one of the first places that were truly off-limits which meant that many people had their dreams of an Italian vacation dashed rather quickly. When travel reopens, it won't be surprising to watch people rush to book vacations to this beautiful and historic city, as well as the surrounding areas. Italy's major cities will likely once again be filled with tourists seeking to learn and experience all that they can, especially since they were deprived of the experience once already.

New Orleans, US

Speaking of party atmospheres, New Orleans has come back from several major natural disasters and always seems to find their bearings when it's all over. This has caused many to have an admiration and an unfamiliar love for the city even if they've never visited, and it's likely the same human connection and compassion that will bring them to Louisiana's greatest city. Whether it's the local flair, energized atmosphere, or delicious food, it's bound to be a destination in the future.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

In terms of loosening the rules, Amsterdam will also likely be a post-pandemic travel location. Travelers will be seeking freedom and will likely find it in a place such as Amsterdam, where the rules are few (although not non-existent) and the vibe laid-back. It's also a beautiful city on its own, appealing to many who are searching for a walkable city as well as one that comes to life after 9 PM.

Tokyo, Japan

For those looking for a big city experience and also a modern vacation, there's no better place than Tokyo. This is a destination that has gained popularity over the last few years (prior to the pandemic, of course) and it will likely continue to grow in popularity as travelers now have time to carefully plan out their trip, save up money for it, and research every aspect of every experience they wish to have there.

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