Surfing is a great way for someone to bond with nature while having the time of their lives, and it's not as intimidating as many think it is. It's easy to watch intense pipeline competitions and wonder if every surf situation is life-threatening, but that's only for the most experienced pro surfers. When it comes to learning the basics, all a person needs is balance, a respect for the water, and a little enthusiasm.

There are plenty of great beginner spots in the US that make for a great jumping-off point into the world of surfing. They're easily accessible and usually, a novice can find others there who are also trying to learn as best they can. Practice makes perfect at the best surf locations in the world and here, catching a wave is super easy.


Waikiki, Hawaii

Of course, Hawaii is one of the most popular places for surfing, only second to California. The Pacific Ocean welcomes surfers of all levels and Waikiki, specific, is the most perfect spot to get up on that board. The same place that's home to the Banzai Pipeline, which is the most challenging surf in the world, is home to gentle waves that allow beginners to feel things out before going pro.

It's also a great spot for tourists wanting to try their hand at surfing with its welcoming atmosphere and plenty of surfing classes to go around. The waves at this location are slow-rolling and not likely to knock anyone on their behinds too quickly. This slow process helps surfers practice their balance, coordination, and stance so that they can progress to bigger waves in no time.

Morro Bay, California

If there was any state that couldn't be left out of the best novice surf spots, it's definitely California! Between the Pacific sun, boardwalk atmosphere, and chill Cali vibes, Morro Bay is the perfect place to zip up a wetsuit and dive in. Not only is the landscape of Morro Bay gorgeous, but the bay itself prevents waves from becoming too much for a beginning surfer to handle. If anyone needed further proof, surfing was made the official sport of the state.

Surfers also have the option to start out small with waves that won't knock the wind out of a person, and then move up to catch some of the bigger swells in deeper water. The versatility in this one body of water makes it a great option for starting out and testing limits, safely.

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Rockaway, New York

Who would have thought that New York would be home to stellar surfing? The Rockaways, specifically around 90th Street, produce the perfect conditions for a novice surfer. Not only are these waves smaller than the average, but they also build depending on which direction a surfer decides to head in.

These swells are beautiful, with just enough pep in them to provide a challenge to beginners, and to make things interesting for those more experienced. Not to mention, with the city being so close to these sandy shores, it can easily be turned into a full day of adventure.

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Nag's Head, North Carolina

The cool thing about Nag's Head is that beginners can find a surf school not far from Abalone Street. The FarmDog Surf School is ready to help novices find their balance on the board, with the perfect environment to do it in.

Surf's up at these beaches - with waves that won't go much past a person's waist, these swells are easy enough to practice in without being boring in the slightest. Not to mention, it's a stunning coastal landscape.

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