The Pacific Coast is a magical place for many reasons with plenty of bucket list cities, but after a long drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, it can be nice to find one simple comfort: Food.

While the vistas and roadside attractions are a great way to pass the time (if looking at stunning views the entire time doesn't float everyone's boat), food is one thing that's easy to find on PCH. The question is, where can a traveler get good eats along with reasonable and well-crafted cocktails? Or, perhaps, some great comfort food with a nice cold brew and a gorgeous view? That's the question that really needs to be answered, and these stops are some of the best along the PCH, according to those lucky enough to have been there.


Nepenthe In Big Sur

Nepenthe is everything visitors could hope for when it comes to their time in Big Sur and it's even close to some cozy accommodations. Even if it's just a stop for lunch, the veranda of this restaurant overlooks the Pacific coast, where customers see nothing but mountains and ocean over the wide expanse. Recommended here are a simple glass of wine and an Ambrosia burger, although Nepenthe is also known for its fresh seafood, homemade desserts, and artfully crafted cocktails.

Take some time to sit outside, soak up the view, and enjoy the vibrant colors of the deck, complete with cushioned benches for those who stop at the bar before lunch or dinner. Nepenthe first opened in 1949 and has only garnered wonderful reception and a great reputation among its regulars.

Taqueria Los Pericos In Santa Cruz

Taqueria Los Pericos has been around for two decades and if you're a lover of Mexican food, this authentic restaurant is cooking up some of the best. According to their site, Taqueria Los Pericos cooks food that's inspired by "The spirit and culture of Mexican cuisine at heart."

With an abundance of options to choose from, anything from fish tacos to veggie tacos, a regular burrito to the Perico Super Burrito, Chile Rellenos to ceviche, rancheros, tortas, and enchiladas, visitors will never stop craving their soon-to-be favorites.

Sam's Chowder House In Half Moon Bay

Whether you catch Sam's Chowdermobile or stop into their Half Moon Bay Restaurant, you're sure to have the chowder experience of a lifetime. Touted as one of the best chowders in the country, this New England-style seafood stop was recently voted one of the best in the Bay area and even featured on the Today Show for their lobster rolls.

Here, customers can dine inside or take a seat on the deck overlooking the ocean, which is also pet-friendly. What makes Sam's Chowder House such a catch (no pun intended), aside from the delicious food they put out, is the fact that all their seafood is ocean-friendly and sustainable.

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Tasty n Alder In Portland

In downtown Portland, Tasty n Alder is cooking up a divine menu inspired by Chef Gorham's travel experiences. He's been called a "chef of the people" for his ability to combine global traditions from all over the world in a way that tastes delicious and stands as an influence in the culinary world. From boozy milkshakes to goat cheese dumplings, a Korean bento box, the all-American burger, and even Nashville Hot Chicken, Tasty n Alder is serving up new cuisine in a creative and fun way.

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Clearwater Restaurant In Newport

Clearwater Restuarant is a gem in Newport, Oregon, and not only for its food. The view over the Yaquina Bay is simply stunning and can be appreciated by all whether seated inside or outside on the deck. Those sitting outside might even be fortunate enough to get some visitors - and by visitors, we mean the sea lions that like to get some sun on the boat dock below!

Clearwater is known for its stellar seafood, fresh ingredients, and welcoming atmosphere. It's a great place to catch the sunset, try their Halibut sandwich, Bison burger, or surf 'n turf, and enjoy a glass of wine.

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