Cheap, or budget travel, is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generations, and there are plenty of reasons why. Being able to travel while attempting to save for that first home is getting tougher each day, making the budget hotel and hostel scene more important than ever before.

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As pricey as London is, you would think finding a suitable accommodation at a reasonable price is difficult. You would be right, so to help you out, here is a list of the 10 best budget accommodations located throughout London, from East to West and bang in the center.

10 Wombat’s Hostel, Wapping

For any seasoned traveler, booking a hotel that is part of a chain is always the safest option, as you know what to expect. The Wombat’s Hostel London is one of the most popular among budget travelers, and it is easy to see why. Opened in 2014, it has risen the bar for hostel lodging in London, and the UK in general. Located a mere 2-minute walk from Tower Bridge, Shoreditch and City Hall, Wombat’s Hostel, while not in the center of London, is in a prime location so you don’t pay through the roof while still being in the midst of the action.

9 Generator, Bloomsbury

Generator is a perfect hotel for budget travelers. It offers dorms or private rooms, so if you like cheap lodging but don’t want to sleep with strangers, then this could be for you.

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After a tiring day of sightseeing in the Big Smoke, grab a refreshing beer from the hostel bar and wind-down in the games room! In fact, the location of the hostel is so central, that the British Museum and Piccadilly Circus are only a few minutes away.

8 Clink78, St Pancras

Prison hostels are fast becoming the place to stay around the world, especially for young travelers and backpackers. They encompass some unique features and even unspoken history. Clink78 in St Pancreas is an old courthouse which has been transformed in to a hostel, with the holding cells as the rooms. If this is not your bread and butter, then not to worry, you can still experience the history of the building, just in a modern, custom built room! And, you can keep your bank account in the green with free daily walking tours.

7 Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage/Palmers Lodge Hillspring

Run by the same company, Palmers Lodge and Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage offer guests a unique experience. If you are looking for a cosier cottage atmosphere where you can feel right at home while meeting people in the onsite pub, you’ll want to book at the Swiss Cottage Lodging.

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If you’re looking for a more modern and sleek lodging, then head to Palmers Lodge Hillspring. It is the perfect combination of sleek and quirky, with surprises around every corner.

6 Safestay Hostel

Once serving the Labour Party of the United Kingdom, Safestay offers guests quirky and somewhat boutique design, mixed in to a very historical building. Located down the road from Elephant & Castle Tube Station, the hostel is in a prime location, being in the hub of London South Bank University where the students can be seen escaping their studies (or just classes!) in a pub or café. No matter what kind of traveler you are, Safestay has something for you, with dorms or private rooms equipped to welcome a family!

5 Qbic Hotel, Whitechapel

For those who have heard or played Monopoly, you may be familiar with the location of the Qbic hotel. While not in the direct center, Whitechapel offers travelers a diverse and vibrant multicultural atmosphere on the East side and can be considered a cultural center of its own. The hotel is built in the traditional Dutch way, for a cosy, at-home feel. As you would expect from a hotel, the private rooms are a little more expensive, starting at 99 pounds a night, but do offer TV’s and bathrooms, as well as complimentary refreshments. If you fancy a bike ride through town, there is also free bike hire!

4 Z Hotel, Soho

When looking for a location to stay in London, you really cannot get any better than Soho. With cafes, bars, restaurants, theatres and museums at your doorstep, you can literally walk anywhere…except maybe one of the 5 airports.

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Perhaps the best feature of the Z Hotel is that coming in at 100 pounds per night, it surely beats any other hotel in the area, you are still walking distance from the same attractions and restaurants, and you will have the luxury of a private room and bathroom, because not all of us like a communal bathroom.

3 Garden Court Hotel, Bayswater

Located in West London, the Garden Court Hotel is a family run, Victorian style hotel, only minutes from spectacular Hyde Park. If you are looking for a stand-alone hotel, then this one is for you. Whether you opt for a small or large room, it is amazing value for money, and once you have shopped ‘till you drop in the surrounding shopping district, 72 pounds per night doesn’t seem all that much!

2 Stüdyo Paddington

If you’re looking to save some money on food, then Stüdyo by Bridgestreet will be perfect. This is not a traditional hotel room as it comprises of a kitchen and small dining area, therefore earning the name ‘ApartHotel’. You have a choice between a single or double room, but all come with ensuites and TV’s. As for the location, need we say anything other than Paddington? One of London’s hubs for cafes and bars, and if you don’t feel like cooking in your fully-equipped kitchen, then simply show your room card at the Italian one next door to receive a 20% discount on your meal!

1 Caring Hotel, London City

All you have ever wanted in life is to stay smack-bang in the center of London, with a comfortable bed and a good breakfast then it’s safe to say you’ve completed the last piece of the puzzle. Caring Hotel may not sound appealing, but once you have checked it out, you’ll quickly realise that it is arguably one of the best value for money hotels in London. If you want to pay a little less, you can stay out of the center, but for 10 or so pounds more per night, you could be right in the hustle and bustle, albeit in a quiet area, of the Big Smoke.

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