When visiting Colombia, it is a must to take a trip to Eje Cafetero Colombiano, a colorful destination that boasts marvelous nature views and is all about coffee. Moreover, the people there are hospitable and friendly, and always smiling. There is no doubt that people visiting the Eje Cafetero Colombiano will feel at home. The stay there means smells, colors, sensations, and enjoying every single moment. The department of Quindío in Colombia, where Eje Cafetero is located, comprises three cities, including Armenia, Manizales, and Pereira.


Merging all those three areas together produces a beautiful cocktail of beautiful and colorful towns, such as Salento, the Colombian national tree, and natural marvels like the Palmas de Cera. No one will know what the Eje Cafetero is really about unless they visit this marvelous side of this massive planet.

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This Is What To Do To Enjoy A Trip To Eje Cafetero

People visit the Eje Cafetero to stay at a famous coffee farm since this is the essence of the place. Reaching the coffee farms is very straightforward, and there is a handful of those located near the city of Salento. People can purchase an entry ticket to the coffee farm from the park in the main square of Salento. People enjoy visiting the Ocaso farm, which is the largest in the area. On the other hand, the Don Elias Coffee Farm is the smallest and is also frequented by many visitors. Just walking around the great coffee plantations is enough to make people happy and astonished.

Additionally, visitors to the farm will learn about the production process of Colombian coffee. And of course, they will have the chance to taste it. Moreover, the coffee farms in Eje Cafetero offer delicious coffee for sale at low prices.

Another activity people enjoy undertaking in the Coffee Axis is to go trekking through the Cocora Valley. For a less crowded and quieter walk, people are recommended to go to the valley very early in the morning. The Colombian national tree, the wax palms are found there, and seeing them presents visitors of the Cocora Valley with an unforgettable experience.

  • Cost: A tour of the Ocaso Farm costs $45 per person.

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Where To Stay And How To Get Around When Visiting Eje Cafetero

People visiting Eje Cafetero are advised to stay in Salento that offers several accommodation options that suit all tastes and preferences. Hotel Salento Real is a great place that offers excellent views of the area and a very delicious breakfast. The hotel is located close to Plaza Bolívar and Calle Real.

  • Cost: One night for two in a Comfort Double Room at Hotel Salento Real costs $46.

Getting around the Eje Cafetero is straightforward and can be done with Willys or buses. Willys is the first choice for reaching the Cocora Valley from Salento. Those who prefer driving by themselves have the option to rent a car. That would be a faster option and a better one for larger groups.

  • How to get there: Since Eje Cafetero is one of Colombia’s most-visited places, there are several ways to get there. The first option is to fly to one of the three main cities there, Pereira, Manizales, or Armenia. Flights can be taken from cities in Colombia, such as Medellín, Bogotá, or Cartagena de Indias. A taxi can then be taken to the bus terminal to the window of Expreso Alcalá. Lastly, the bus can be taken to Salento.

Another option of getting to Eje Cafetero is by bus, where the latter can be taken from Cali, Bogotá, or Medellín. The time needed to get to the Eje Cafetero from Bogotá is around 8 hours. The trip takes 4 hours from Cali.

This Is The Best Time To Visit The Eje Cafetero

When planning to visit the Eje Cafetero, one must keep the weather in mind. The region is known for its pleasing climate and temperature, which are the reasons for the premium quality of coffee produced there. Although temperatures are stable all year round and fall between 18 and 21 Celsius degrees, people must note that rain falls during some months, ruining their trip plans. Moreover, the Eje Cafetero gets overcrowded during other months of the year. To avoid rain, people must not go during April, March, October, and November. The areas get too crowded in January, May, June, July, and December. This leaves people with February, August, and September to be the best months to visit the Eje Cafetero.

One more thing that people visiting the Eje Cafetero must do is to take some basic precautions. While the region is generally safe and quiet, there are some risks in Manizales, Armenia, or Pereira. This is why it’s better to ask about the streets where people must not walk alone in those cities. Other than that, the Cocora Valley and Salento are totally safe, and one doesn’t need to worry. Those who want to walk the Corora Valley must wear suitable shoes and stock up on food and water.

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