Heading to Hawaii solo is a big “yes!” This state offers the best destinations that the rest of the states can’t even compare to. Its tropical climate makes it the perfect summer experience for solo travelers. From the massive volcanic mountains to the stunning views of the sea, the islands in Hawaii offer such diverse and extraordinary natural wonders.

The miles-long beaches are not the only reason Hawaii is perfect for solo travelers; its varieties of activities are the hidden gems of Hawaii. Hawaii is home to endless water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more. Hawaii is also known to be one of the safest states in the country. Visitors should try traveling from the heart of Hawaii, Honolulu, to the peak of Mt. Haleakala in Maui where a spectacular view awaits them at the top.

UPDATE: 2022/07/05 16:06 EST BY KATHIA BELLO

Hawaii remains a great destination for solo trips, and to reflect that we have updated some of the images and links on this list. The beauty of Hawaii is undeniable, and it's our goal to have the most updated info on its top trending destinations.

Find the tour that best suits your bucket list and consider heading to these destinations first:

9 Honolulu

Honolulu is the heart of Hawaii. As the capital city, visitors can expect a wide range of attractions which will leave them satisfied. Aside from its beautiful island beaches, it’s the history, art, and culture that draw tourists into this destination. Tourists can start the day strolling through several museums, then find one of its delicious restaurants and grab a bite of Honolulu’s popular dish “poke'', which means “to cut crosswise”.

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8 Maui

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and its spectacular golf courses, like the ones in Maui – where it has a total of 14 golf courses. It is also a destination for beach bums and has a shoreline perfect for tanning. Other than that, tourists can visit the magical island and trek a sprawling 10,000 feet trail at Mt. Haleakala where the best sunrise or sunset can be enjoyed alone.

7 Waikiki

This small area is where tourists can check in to the state’s largest hotels. The choices range from a room with a view of the beach or shopping centers. The main attraction of Waikiki is a two-mile sand strip that's ideal for a dip and water adventures – starting with the famous Duke Kahanamoku Beach, which is named after the famous Olympic swimmer who died in 1968. This is also the favorite location of the Hawaiian royals, who are actually known to be frequent in the area!

6 Kailua Kona

Great weather and a lively atmosphere are what make this town a tourist destination. In addition to that, there are shops and farmer markets that should not be missed in Kailua Kona - this makes the town more ideal for a residential community. Here, tourists can experience a cup of Kona coffee, one of the world’s most popular coffees, while looking at the black lava rocks. Kailua Kona is the perfect destination to recover from a busy schedule because tourists can enjoy its popular water sports and the sight of various sea creatures.

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5 Lahaina

The Front Street of Lahaina is ranked as one of the greatest streets in the country. It is the best location to take a relaxing stroll. Lahaina offers water activities such as snorkeling off the coast and cruise rides where you can dine with a loved one. If tourists come in whale season, they might even catch a glimpse of the world’s biggest mammals in Lahaina waters.

4 Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a historical landmark that gets around 1.5 million visitors every year. It’s a free attraction where tourists can immerse themselves with its five historic sites, which include the national memorial, historic parks, the battleship memorial, and many more. Not only does Hawaii offer stunning views of its natural beauty, but it also connects tourists to the history of World War II.

3 Kahului

Kahului, located on the northern coast of Maui island, is the destination that offers it all. It offers various activities such as hiking to some of its waterfalls, day trips along its beaches, seafood mukbang in their popular seafood restaurants, and its popular air tour where tourists can rent a private helicopter or a hot air balloon. This is known to be the hub of business in the county where sprawling homes and accommodations are one of the best finds in Hawaii.

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2 Hilo

From snorkeling in the popular Manta Ray to circling around the lava of Spot Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes from a helicopter, Hilo is the place to experience it all, even for solos. The most popular site is the incredibly scenic drive of Hamakua Coast, which stretches over 40 miles. Do not forget to stop by its farmer's market, which has over 200 local farmers each with products to choose from. At the popular Mehana Brewing company, try a taste of Hilo’s, which is the largest brewer in all of Hawaii.

1 Kauai Island

The lush landscape of Kauai’s beaches is a feast for the eyes. The pristine views are just some of the things to enjoy on the island. If saltwater is not what the tourists seek, the Kauai river is perfect for freshwater activities like kayaking. The island is also known for its relaxing activities, like a stroll on its local streets and historical landmarks. In addition, tourists can go explore the 60 different movie and TV show filming locations located at various points around the island.

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